EBUScore 1.2.5

EBUScore version 1.2.5 has now been released which contains the following changes:

  • User defined arrow switching added for all Hesitation movements
  • Tidy up and correction of movements
  • Minor bug fixes regarding creating custom Mitchell movements
  • Warning added when selecting Code 02

As always I would welcome any feedback.


  • Is there an easy way to review the movement set up i.e, equivalent to the summary screen before you confirm it. Sometimes I forget if I have set the AS round :) and would like to check without leaving the event.

  • Yes. Reports --> Movement --> Display On Screen.

  • Hi Jonathan - Would it be possible for the Pachabo format options to give a choice of where a 10 point margin is counted as a draw or not? Our club has traditionally run an IMPs and PaB hybrid (new Pachabo style) with a 10 point margin counting as a draw (an old Pachabo rule!), but EBUScore counts a 10 point margin as a win so you have to adjust any of these manually.

  • I wouldn’t be keen on that- you can have too many options and that one would be based on incorporating old undesirable practices into improved new methods.
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