Serious Error . Gambling Action

I think (!) I can follow WB 4.1.3 and work out how to score if such an action has happened..
What happens if the Gambling Action is to double, and then the offenders re-double?
I assume the actual score is the redoubled result and the score with infraction but without GA is the undoubled score.
Is that correct, or has the XX complicated things in some way?

Peter Bushby Suffolk


  • The score for the offending side is whatever the TD thinks should have happened without the infraction.

    e.g. There is a case of hesitation Blackwood - offending side bid the slam, opponents double (deemed to be gambling - which could be quite likely) and os redouble. the (redoubled) slam makes.

    Offending side are scored as if they had made 12 tricks in game.

    Non-offending side get the matchpoints as if the opponents had made 12 tricks in game BUT (I believe) you then work out how many matchpoints they lost as a result of them doubling the slam (with the redouble) compared with the result if they had let the slam be played undoubled.

    If I am right then, I think it goes like this. (top = 20)

    5H + 1 : scores 16 for nos, 4 for os
    6H : scores 5 for nos, 15 for os.
    6HXX: score 0 for nos, 20 for os.

    Then : os gets 4 mps (for 5H+1) nos gets 16 (5H+1) - 5 (loss due to gambling action) = 11

  • If double is a gambling action and the doubled contract makes, we are usually in a position where all the damage is self-inflicted and the non-offending side keep their table score. This will also be the case if the offending side redouble.

    There is a ruling/appeal from the Spring Foursomes, where 3NT was pulled to 5C (using UI). This was doubled (with no reason to think it was going off), and redoubled (with every expectation that is was not going off) and made. The score was adjusted to 3NT (going off). At the appeal, nobody raised the issue of "Gambling Action" (or whatever it was called then) and the ruling was upheld. A split score (averaged between the two scores) would have changed the result of the match.

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