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I quite often get asked to rule on an appeal in UI cases, and would like to conduct a poll. I have limited ability to do this - club members I ask by email rarely get back to me.

I have seen a few such questions put on this forum. Is this an appropriate place for them? I wouldn't want it to get swamped.

If not, is there anywhere that is? Alternatively, would it be worth setting up a fourth EBU Forum for just this?


  • We find that polling on Bridge Winners is good for most rulings where the players are average. (Where the players are experts, you have to email experts.) Polling here will generate lots of second guessing of the problem, and pollees will see other answers before responding.

    Polling when you want to ask average players is hard work. I once tried asking random players at the end of a county congress session and found that most could not respond to a (clearly written) hand diagram and bidding diagram.

  • The great thing about Bridgewinners for polling (apart from the fact that it is set up for that purpose) is simply the volume of responses you will get there.

  • Thank you both.

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