Scorebridge teams for NGS

A club scores its teams events with Scorebridge and submits them to EBU for UMS/master points/NGS.

When some directors do this, the events are not processed for NGS (no lineup data?) but for other directors, the events are processed for NGS. Presumably there is a difference in the process followed by different directors.

Can anyone suggest what they are doing differently and what it is they need to do to get the teams results NGSed.


  • When scoring Multiple Teams events in ScoreBridge, there is an option that can prevent the event being graded, and I recollect that the option occurs when the the xml file is being created.

    It asks if the event is without change of line-ups or polarity of line-ups or something like that. Normally we should choose "Yes" and the event will be graded, but if the event is a Pivot Teams event, that's the time to say "No" so the event doesn't get graded.

    If someone presses the wrong option, the event will be incorrectly graded or not graded accordingly.

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

  • Just a comment. We NGS our Pivot Teams events, but we would use EBUScore for these.

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