Scoring with EBU Score for more than 1 club

There was a discussion a couple of years ago where the advice was to run under different window users.
I am a relative newcomer to scoring with EBU Score and Bridgemates and expect my problem is one re window accounts not EBU Score.

I am set up as administrator

I set up another account as a standard user but found that such user, although not having access to my documents, nevertheless had access to my programs such that any download of EBU score merely overwrote the existing one .

How do you set up another user who has no access to the administrators programs.

Alan C


  • User accounts don't install EBUScore as that's already present (installed by an Administrator). All they need do is run it, and configure it for their own DAT files.

    The location for BMPlayerDB.MDB will need to be writeable by all users, but that's not a concern given it comes from the EBU (you could replicate it into a distinct location for each user if you really wanted to, but that just makes life more complicated).

    All the subfolders under the EBUScore installation folder for "transient" files (principally the BWS, Reports and upload files) also have to be writeable by all users, which is theoretically an issue (as users can access those transient files related to other users), but probably not so in most cases. Hopefully, EBUScore will move away from putting these things with the program code before too long (as it's against best practice).

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