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Is anyone else having troubles with the App after upgrading to 1.2.X?

Under 1.1.X the app started automatically and uploaded to the "cloud". Under 1.2.X when I launch BCS the app checks communication but does not upload. I can get it to work by opening BCS and thenTools|Options|App and tick "Show session information window at session start", then on launching the BCS from EBUScore a window Upload session to Bridgemate App opens and if I tick the left Show in app box, the right "Show session in App" becomes ticked. Clicking on Close initiates an upload of data to the App.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App to no avail and have raised the issue with Bridgemate UK.


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    This is something that EBUScore 1.2.x is doing differently than 1.1.x (I did flag this up in an earlier discussion).

    Enabling the ask-me popup (as you did) at least lets you catch it. If you tick the "show in app" box, and populate the 3 Name, Date and Time boxes then the uploads work (EBUScore v1.2.x somehow turns off "show in app" and depopulates the Time box).

  • Thanks Steve i can't spot the earlier discussion. The App manual says this condition occurs when the calling program does not pass all necessary information so my guess is EBUScore is not passing a Time when it calls BCS and thence the App.


    The odd thing is that I can't think what aspect of creating the BWS has changed in EBUScore to cause this (the BM Dev Guide hasn't changed since last year).

  • Thanks Steve, I have had a look at a few old BWS files (1.1.10) and some newer ones (1.2.X) with MDB Plus (a viewer for older access databases) . The older BWS files have 30/12/1889 10:54:47 in the Time field of the Session table, the new ones are blank.

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