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Is anyone else having troubles with the App after upgrading to 1.2.X?

Under 1.1.X the app started automatically and uploaded to the "cloud". Under 1.2.X when I launch BCS the app checks communication but does not upload. I can get it to work by opening BCS and thenTools|Options|App and tick "Show session information window at session start", then on launching the BCS from EBUScore a window Upload session to Bridgemate App opens and if I tick the left Show in app box, the right "Show session in App" becomes ticked. Clicking on Close initiates an upload of data to the App.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App to no avail and have raised the issue with Bridgemate UK.


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    Thanks ** [Name & original comment removed at contributor's request]** i can't spot the earlier discussion. The App manual says this condition occurs when the calling program does not pass all necessary information so my guess is EBUScore is not passing a Time when it calls BCS and thence the App.

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    Thanks ** [Name & original comment removed at contributor's request]**, I have had a look at a few old BWS files (1.1.10) and some newer ones (1.2.X) with MDB Plus (a viewer for older access databases) . The older BWS files have 30/12/1889 10:54:47 in the Time field of the Session table, the new ones are blank.

  • I think Jonathan and Nigel Lancaster at Bridgemate UK are on the case with this one but my understanding of the issue is that there is a table in the BWS database called Session. When the Bridgemate app is called this table is checked for completeness. The 1.1.X series of EBUScore did not create the Session table so BCS created it and populated all fields. The 1.2.X series creates the table but does not populate the Time field so that when BCS checks the table it finds it incomplete.

  • Correct. I was advised to add the SessionTable creation to 1.2.x (for user control of ShowInApp). It looks like it needs Time field setting.

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