Procedural penalties

We still use travellers and score afterwards, please can you explain to me in very simple terms how to apply a procedural penalty, what top board exactly?


  • A top is the highest match-point score possible on a board.
    For x tables the top is 2x-2.
    So 25% of a top is (x-1)/2.

  • Thank you for your answer you could have been speaking klingon for all the sense it made to me, fortunately I found someone to translate and think that I know what to do now.

  • If there (say) 13 tables and boards are played 13 times, then a top on all boards is 24.

    A procedural penalty is 25% of a top = 6 match points.

    To impose a procedural penalty, add up all the match points on the boards the pair played and subtract 6, to give their overall match point score.

  • Randhl - are you using software (eg Scorebridge) to score the paper travellers?

  • Yes ebu pairs scorer oddly enough before posting on here I asked 2 other people who score at local clubs and neither of them actually knew what to do so I am grateful for the explanations

  • Using EBUScore Pairs scorer, you calculate the adjustment (as above), and on the Properties page, you put -6 in the ADJ column against the pair (or pairs).

  • Thanks t

  • That should have read, thanks to everyone for your assistance I am now clear

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