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A player asked me if I would do anything about a certain pair who constantly talk when bidding, give facial expressions throughout the bidding and play. One of the pair, indicates to declarer which card to play, meaning that dummy is actually playing the hand. I have seen a similar situation at my home club and warned them to stop or I would give them a procedural penalty.

She has complained to the director, who will not do anything, but shrugs his shoulders, not wanting to upset the main offender. He does a lot of voluntary work for the club. Even so, I think the director, unqualified with reasonable knowledge, should do something about the situation.

They do not do it so blatantly when playing with competent players, or so I have been told.

I offered to speak to the club president if the complainant would email full details. Now she has emailed me that she does not want to put it in writing, even though I assured her I would not reveal her name.

It would interest me to know how other TD's would deal with the situation.



  • This is very tricky. You can't pass on hearsay nor propogate what may be one person's misconception or pet hobby-horse. If you haven't observed this behaviour directly I don't think you can do anything.
    Firstly you would be repeating hearsay or rumour and may be in danger of being libellous.
    Secondly you could well be be prejudicing any eventual formal investigation and resolution of the matter.
    If you do observe it directly then it would be best to call the director at once and ask whether the
    behaviour is allowed. The director may resolve it. If not then having called the director and reported it you are well placed to ask the President and/or Conduct Committee to deal with it.

    Peter Bushby Suffolk

  • Not to put too fine a point on this behaviour, assuming it's true, it is cheating.

  • Tag - just what I thought. I have now persuaded the complainant to speak to the club president, as Peter said, I need to witness the behavior myself before "putting my foot in it".

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