Best Practice for email communiocation between clubs and their membesr

How often does your club correspond by email with your members?

I can see two distinct approaches here. One is to send say a monthly newsletter and refrain from correspondence in between on the grounds that members probably already receive too much email, and there may be a lot of information avaialble via other channels such as a club web-site or notice boards.

On the other hand one might adopt a 'little and often' policy, sending regular email, for example to coerce members to volunteer to host and using these regular communications to remind about other events and news.

Has your club settled on an approach, or have you consulted with your membership to see what they would prefer?

Mark Humphris


  • I'm a member of two clubs only one if which (much the larger club) has a monthly newsletter.
    However both have a little and often approach as needed for such things as:
    mobile phone left behind, sent to all members
    funeral details
    as far as I know no complaints but not a bad idea to check e.g. item for the next AGM ?
  • At a slight tangent when clubs send emails to all they often seem to forget the Bcc function which in these complaining days they ought to use.

  • Hi Mark
    I was always a bit hesitant to send out too much email to my bridge groups, but over time have been gradually been increasing this, and I actually find that most players do not object and are happy to receive them, as long as they are not annoying and relevant to them.

    In fact if someone fails to get an email that they hear about, they often ask about it. My emails are sent out with mailchimp (other free mail programs are available) which always includes an easy link to unsubscribe, but I am pleased to say that very few people do unsubscribe. This program also allows you to see how many people open your emails, and whether they click on any links.

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