Disciplinary Action

A club member was observed at another club seriously violating EBUs BB@B guidelines. Is the club generally allowed to apply Law 91 to suspend her/him for a period or does this power only exist if specifically mentioned in the club's constitution?


  • My reading is that Law 91 is concerned with a TD's powers in a game while it is in the process of being run at the club. For wider disciplinary powers, I think the club's constitution and other regulations would need to be applied.

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    If you think about it, Bridge laws aren't going to apply to how a private club wishes to manage its affairs and, as Gordon comments, will only apply to the session in progress. It's up to the club committee to decide what to do with this member, although the TD may eject the person from the session. If he/she refuses to comply with such ejection then, of course, it gets messy. I don't know where you go from there but I could see that rapidly escalating into something unpleasant.

    I've known of members being threatened with suspension or expulsion from the club, due to bad behaviour, but the situations have been resolved with apologies. I'm aware of one person at our local club who is simply marked as "unwelcome" even though was never a member of the club.

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