Masters Pairs Sunday 1 March 2020

Can anyone explain how and when Master Points, Green Points and NGS will be done, please?
The website talks of stratification but doesn't explain much more.



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    It's in the process of being done. Hopefully later today, but I understand we are still waiting for some information from some of the clubs.

  • Results are now up showing Green Points.
    Stratification is not shown.
    I'm assuming that NGS will trickle through later.


  • Stratification is shown. NGS processes overnight so I would expect it to happen tonight.

  • I'm still struggling through the site where the original three sets of results have disappeared; while a fourth set of results in an almost illegible format keeps failing to load.
    I hope it will all make sense later.


  • My apologies. The fourth set of results is much clearer on a laptop. It's my phone making it unreadable.


  • There have been problems, both with a club sending incomplete results and not responding to requests, and independently with Pianola.

  • Three results now through to My EBU - both sessions and combined - but all are NGS exempt. Will there be a grading effect?


  • Yes, when the local results from your venue get uploaded to HQ and processed. As with Simultaneous Pairs events, NGS is effected on your local percentages and not the National percentages. This is so that the right strength of field applies. See FAQ 19 on Page 26 at

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

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