Insufficient bid OOT

Assume that south bids OOT with an insufficient bid which is not accepted. As 27A2 points to L31, we apply L31, and we have two scenarios, with two questions in common.

1a) East passes, and now what? Does she repeat the insufficient bid, and we ask again West if she accepts that bid, or we ask south to makes a legal call without asking West?

1b) South makes a non-comparable call. What is the ruling? North must pass when next is his turn to call according to L31A2(b), or North must pass whenever it is his turn to call according to 27B2?

2a,b) East makes a bid, so things are clear for me, but correct me if I am wrong please:
South must makes any legal bid. If that bid is not comparable, we get in the same situation-answer as above.


  • I think we we must first determine whether it was a mechanical error. If it was a mechanical error then we simply have a bid out of turn. If not then we have an insufficient bid out of turn. Assuming West rejects the call, when it is South's turn to call he bids what he bids. If it's not a comparable call, I'd take the stronger action of barring North for the remainder of the auction.

  • I had this situation under the 2007 Laws. The principles by which you deal with it are the same under the 2017 Laws although the rectifications are different. Essentially we deal with the bid OOT first as Law 27A2 says "If a player makes an insufficient bid out of rotation Law 31 applies".

    West first has the opportunity to accept the call OOT even though it is insufficient. If he/she does no further rectification. If not accepted:

    1. East passes; 31A1 "offender must repeat the call out of rotation, and when that call is legal there is no rectification". There is no opportunity at this point for a comparable call. In this case the repeated call is not legal so we apply Law 27 (as the call is now in rotation) and give West another opportunity to accept the bid (which interestingly he/she may wish to do now they have given partner a chance to bid and he/she has a suit which he/she may want lead and which he/she can conveniently bid over the insufficient bid) when there will be no further rectification. Otherwise we continue to apply Law 27 and South must make a legal call and if it satisfies 27B1(a) or (b) then the auction continues with no further rectification (except very occasionally under 27D) otherwise 27B2 and 3 apply, North must pass whenever it is his/her turn to call and lead restrictions apply.

    2. East makes a legal bid, double or redouble. Now we continue with 31A2 and (assuming East's call is legal) South must make a legal call. If it is comparable then no further rectification (except very occasionally under 23C) if it is not comparable then 31A2(b) applies " offender’s partner must pass when next it is his turn to call. Laws 16C, 26B and 72C may apply".

    So for how long North has to pass depends on whether the bid was corrected under Law 27 or Law 31 which in turn depends on whether East passes or makes a different call.

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