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We don't have bridgmates (or similar) but are planning a teams event which will be scored at the time using personal scorecards, if I make a note of the results of each session can I just send this to the ebu for their scoring system or do I actually need to be able to enter the contract and result, please?


  • You don't need to have the contract and result, although it won't be processed for the NGS if you don't. However it does need to be in the proper format file. I seem to remember that Scorebridge can do that for you if you just enter the results. If you have problems with this, get back to us and I'm sure we'll find a solution.

  • One of our local clubs uses travellers and then we have someone who enters the results into Scorebridge. Once it's in SB, it's no different to having used Bridgemates for the session.

  • Yes, with Scorebridge you can do either as Tag says (input all scores manually) or else you can do as Gordon says and just input just the ranking list with the players' names and the Master Points earned. You choose on the Event Profile screen.

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  • In EBUScorre, you can set up Event Details and put the Ranks as ADJustments in Properties and then create/send UMS submission file as normal.

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