I started learning programming and chose to learn python, do I need some self-study book on programming languages?


  • This is very interesting. Can I ask: why are you learning python programming and what do you hope to get out of this course ? Is EBU pair/team/Swiss pair etc based on python ?
    How are you learning this programming ? I am retired now but would be interested to learn if there is some mileage in so doing ?

  • If I was learning programming from scratch, I doubt I'd buy a book these days. YouTube will have loads of great tutorials, and reference websites will be much more useful than a quickly obsolete book. Once you've learned the basics, the best way to learn programming is to program. Think of a project you want to tackle and figure it out - you'll be slow and you'll make mistakes, but you'll learn while you're doing so.

    And to answer rkcb's question, EBUScore isn't written in Python, but you can't interact with it at that level anyway. I doubt that learning programming will help you be a better director or scorer, but we do provide an API to interact with your membership data, and you could certainly make use of this with Python.

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