Arbitral score?

At a table where boards were being shared, and hence not in ascending numerical sequence, a score was recorded on the Bridgemate for the wrong board number (which had not yet been played at that table. Not realising the mistake, they moved on to the next board and realised at some point that they had already seen the results achieved at other tables. Clearly there was some UI but it did not affect the result as the declaring side did not reach the optimum contract. Should the result stand or should there be an adjusted score, an arbitral score or a procedural penalty?


  • To some extent it depends on when they realised and how much information had been revealed in the traveller. In a club game I would tend towards allowing the score to stand unless it was clear that it could have been influenced by the sight of the traveller, but if the board were to be cancelled the award should be an artificial score and the EBU L&E says that this should usually be AV- for both sides.

  • What Gordon says, although if N/S 'OK'd' the score before EW had a chance to check it (which does happen a fair amount even though technically it shouldn't) then NS Av-, EW Av+

  • You could always set the Bridgemates not to show the results if you are playing a movement with board sharing, although I expect you would not be popular. However often you warn the sharing tables to be careful about board numbers, it never works 100%. I am always called at least once in the evening to erase a score put in under the wrong board number.

  • Alternatively if you have pre-dealt boards and load the hand records into EBUScore or BCS and set BCS so that the Bridgemates validate the opening lead this will prevent the players getting as far as seeing the other scores in the majority of instances where they have input the wrong board number.

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