SIMS Files

I have often experienced problems downloading the SIMS deal file - the problem being opening the file with the dealing software.

Microsoft Edge appears to convert the file from a PBN to a HTML . It has been possible to change the file name and the opening app in the past to allow BOS to open the file - but this time (May 2019) I found it impossible to open the file with BOS . I spent over an hour struggling with it to find a solution - no success . Tried changing file name , properties and opening application etc.

In the end I changed the browser to Firefox which allowed the file to be downloaded without it being changed - once the browser was changed it was a simple 10 to 20 second operation, this was after a lot of head scratching beforehand - I was coming to the conclusion running SIMS was not worth the aggro. I don't really anticipate having to have to change the browser to carry out a rather simple task.

My plea is can the download system be checked out to make it operates easily - never had these sort of issues with ECATS.

And I wonder if this downloading issue is a common problem or not - is it my operating system (Windows 10 & Edge) - or is there some other reason.


  • I use Windows 10 plus Edge and don't have a problem with Sims files. I normally save the file to my Desktop and either open it into Bos or Dealer 4 from there.

  • It's just a file on a website - we have no control over how browsers download it. Edge does seem to behave a bit weirdly with this, though. It seems it guesses that it's an HTML file and offers to change the file name to suit. But it doesn't do this if you've just opened the PBN file in the browser. Very peculiar.

    The file it saves is identical to the PBN file, though, so renaming it should work - I have no idea why BOS didn't like it. You could also download the ZIP file and extract the PBN from there.

  • I know this is an old post but others may find a response helpful, right click on the PBN file and select "save target as" and save the file to your desktop.

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