MyEBU Slow or Unresponsive

For the last few weeks, maybe months, MyEBU has been very slow or unresponsive when we try to upload the evenings results around 2230, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The last two Mondays the scorer was unable to get a connection to MyEBU and the upload was not completed. The upload completed successfully either the next morning or much later that evening. Our laptops live in our venue and we only have occupancy till 2245. The upload to onedrive and the Bridgewebs site works fine so we can recover the session to a remote machine. The fact that ondrive and Bridgewebs are OK indicates the problem is with MyEBU, possibly a DDOS attack or more likely just that the site has insufficient capacity to deal with the surge when multiple clubs finish their sessions and try to upload results.


  • Thanks Stan. Someone else mentioned this today, actually, so clearly something is up. I was aware that the website was occasionally slow in the mornings when there were lots of visitors, but hadn't realised there were evening problems too. There hasn't been an increase in traffic recently, so I'm not sure what could be causing it.

    We're in the process of migrating our web server to a larger machine, so that will speed it up substantially. Until then, I'm afraid I don't really have much advice other than to be patient.

  • Yes, we suffered from this last Wednesday. Just the same as your issue, we couldn't upload the session until someone went in the following day. I also note that this forum is often very slow around the same times, so likely just a bandwidth issue or slower machines at the EBU end. It's good to know that the EBU will be updating its servers but bandwidth might also be an issue.

    Since you have the premises until 2245, though, you have a couple of hundred years to do the upload.
    (Sorry, maybe not amusing to you)

  • Bandwidth is not a problem - we have loads of that, and we're not exactly streaming video. It seems to be the number of requests, not the size of requests, that slows it down.

    The new server benchmarks about ten times faster than the current server, so I'm pretty sure that'll sort out these issues. Fingers crossed!

  • Thanks Michael

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