EBU IT Service Disruption

See https://www.ebu.co.uk/node/3632: EBU emails are not functioning.

I should see direct message through this and other forums.


  • MyEBU isn't working properly either. I think I may have paid 4 times for the Year End Swiss Pairs and once for the Swiss Teams, whereas what I wanted to do was pay once for the two Swiss events.

    Oh well, merry christmas to the EBU, they can have a working capital advantage over Christmas and I'll enter something for free next year...

  • It is possible that that has happened but I know they have been preparing refunds in the office for those who have been caught out by this.
  • Emails to @ebu.co.uk are now getting through.

  • @Robin_BarkerTD said:
    Emails to @ebu.co.uk are now getting through.

    Yes, though we are not yet getting historical ones, so anything urgent should be resent.

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