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Is it permissible to bid 2 NT to show 15-17points with a void in the opponents suit eg 1s stop 2NT


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    Blue book 7E states:
    - 7E2 "Any bid which shows 4 cards in a specified suit....."
    - 7E2 "Any bid which shows a hand with no singleton, void or seven-card suit of at least 11 HCP"
    - 7E4 "A 2NT overcall may be used to show a strong (16+ HCP or 12+ HCP with at least 5 controls) two suiter with no suit specified"

    Don't reckon that meets the above criteria if the other 3 suits could be any shape.

    At a stretch 7E4 might apply if they chenged it to 16-17, or 15 with 5 controls, but depends on the definition of a 2 suiter (5/5? I somehow doubt 1/1 would suffice).

    This all assumes that the 1s is natural and non-forcing.

  • Also note Blue Book 9A3 - the WBF rules it out at all levels (unless the EBU permits it - it doesn't, see GrahamC's response).

    The following conventions or treatments are categorised as ‘Brown Sticker’ [and may not be played, unless they are permitted at EBU Level 4]:
    (b) An overcall of a natural opening bid of one of a suit that does not promise at least four cards in a known suit.
    EXCEPTION: A natural overcall in no trumps.
    EXCEPTION: any cue bid suit that shows a strong hand.
    EXCEPTION: a jump cue bid in opponent’s known suit that asks partner to bid 3NT with a stopper in that suit.

  • The description is a bit unclear.
    As already explained above, If it's intended as a take-out bid i.e. a 3-suiter (4450) then it's allowed; if it must have 5 controls if it's a 15-count then it's a allowed.

  • @Mark_Brown said:
    WBF rules it out at all levels

    If something is a Brown Sticker convention, it is not allowed at WBF events using Category 3 Permitted Systems. I believe that this covers many WBF events, but there are certainly some events where Brown Sticker conventions and HUMs are permitted.

    Going further off-topic, Bridge Club Live allows systems and conventions to either EBU Level 4 or WBF Cat 3. You might say "Ah! You mean EBU Level 5!" and you would be right! However, I prefer, for a membership of about two thirds Brits and one third elsewhere in the world, to refer to both EBU and WBF!

    EBU level 4 and WBF Cat 3 are fairly similar and I have known only one pair using a system that is EBU Level 4 but not WBF Cat 3, and only one pair using a system that is WBF Cat 3 but not EBU Level 4! Maybe I would find more at EBU events allowing Level 5?

    Barrie Partridge - CTD for Bridge Club Live

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