This new forum has been created in response to requests from EBU members. We hope it will provide a useful place for all TDs, of whatever rank or experience, as well as others who are interested in bridge laws and regulations, to ask questions and discuss matters of interest.

Since the Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 have fairly recently come into effect, we anticipate that there may be a number of questions that TDs will have that more experienced colleagues may be able to help with.

Above all this should be a practical, pleasant and friendly place, so please don't bring obscure, theoretical arguments here!

Gordon Rainsford


  • Great idea for a TD Forum.
  • Just testing out the suit-symbol emojis, which you can now use in your posts and replies.

    !c !d !h !s

  • Excellent idea.

  • It seems that quite a lot of people are signing up with what appears to be their EBU number as their forum name (possibly confusing it with the My EBU user name). If anyone regrets their decision, drop me or @PeterS a message and we can change it to something more suitable.

  • Michael, the suit symbols are very useful, but is it possible to make them come out a bit smaller by default so they don't loom over the rest of the text?

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