2.4.4 - how to implement, advice please

During a run-of-the-mill open pairs at club on Monday, we had to allow a pair to withdraw after 3 of the scheduled 13 rounds.
As well as the commiserations towards the withdrawn pair (one of whom has a chronic illness), we had started with a half-table.
A quick brainstorm suggested that we should continue rather than restart; the remainder of the evening was played out with two sit-out tables.
White book section 2.4.4 seems to tell us to scratch the withdrawn pair from the scoring altogether.
Can this be done with EBUScore and BridgeWebs? I was TD and have very little experience of EBUScore; the gent who was overseeing the BridgeMates tells me that BridgeWebs won't accept two missing pairs.
Advice would be appreciated, please.


  • If you are using Bridgemates with EBUScore one possibility is to delete all the existing scores for the withdrawn pair and replace them and all future scores they were going to get with "no play". There is probably a way of entering "no play" on the scoring programme (under the "enter scores" tab, open the help page and see what you can find). If you'd had full tables at the time of the withdrawal you could have tried updating the movement with the withdrawn pair changed to a missing pair, but I suspect you will not be able to nominate two pairs in a movement as missing.

    I cannot speak for bridgewebs, but if you tried my suggestion above and uploaded it, I would expect something sensible to come up.

  • It appears to have worked, many thanks.

  • In EBUScore, if the pair is marked as missing (in the movement or in Properties) and has no scores, then the pair should not appear in any of the output. So Bridgewebs should see no missing pairs.

  • Thank you Robin.

  • As Robin advised, just mark the pair as Missing in Properties. I have never heard of any problem with Bridgewebs (or pianola or ebu submission) with having more than two missing pairs but essentially EBUScore manages their disappearance.

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