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  • Thanks for replies.
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  • It looks very complicated. In a session with two people playing with robots and a pair of robots instead of a sitout, the people with robots both have the same set of four numbers. Presumably only one of these figures will apply to the live player. …
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  • Thanks for that.
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  • 2) I always stop to plan and consider the hand in third position after the opening lead, even when I have no chance of making a trick. If Dummy has a singleton and plays it I wait for a long time for declarer to call it.
  • There is so much to think about and remember when playing Bridge and signals tend to come at the end of the list. When asked about signals I often say that I signal about 25% of the time and notice my partner's signal about 10% of the time.
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  • Surely "detaching it" implies intent and does not include allowing it to become detached by accident.
  • I think I would need to know the full bidding sequence and exactly what was said at each stage before answering this.
  • Three results now through to My EBU - both sessions and combined - but all are NGS exempt. Will there be a grading effect?
  • I always assumed it was common practice.
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  • Thanks for that.
  • On reflection I would appreciate any advice about this situation with EBUScore. When a pair becomes a missing pair after setting up the movement and starting Bridgemates how do we get the scores right? Leaving blank names and marking every round as…
  • I always make it clear that players should never put boards on top of each other. Only one board actually on the table. It makes a lot of situations easier.
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  • OK, thanks. I know what happened. The pair had to leave early because of a medical emergency and the rounds they had played were marked as Not Played. EBU Score can't cope and puts in some fictional names. I will pass this on to our Scorer.
  • My apologies. The fourth set of results is much clearer on a laptop. It's my phone making it unreadable.
  • I'm still struggling through the site where the original three sets of results have disappeared; while a fourth set of results in an almost illegible format keeps failing to load. I hope it will all make sense later.
  • Results are now up showing Green Points. Stratification is not shown. I'm assuming that NGS will trickle through later.
  • Now working but showing a message about connectivity issues.
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  • I wasn't asking about the movements, thanks. I have several already worked out and working well in practice. I just wanted clear table cards for Skip Mitchells.
  • As for 2) while it may sometimes be done, it isn't really fair - because such an arrangement also affects all the players at other tables, who are (most of the time) keeping to the rules.
  • I think the Common Bridge Knowledge aspect is very difficult. If a player overcalls a suit bid with 2NT, alerted as 'No Agreement,' then the pair will generally proceed as if it's Unusual NT. This is fairly standard, maybe Common Bridge Knowledge. …
  • Unless I watch every table all the time I have no evidence to decide. If I ask I rarely get a sensible answer or an admission of guilt.
  • I don't think that coming late means clearly responsible. It depends on who was responsible at the previous table.
  • Yes I know. I have already done one a few double Mitchells. They are for 21 or 22 boards. Mostly OK but 21 tables was difficult.
  • It's hard to think of any circumstances where I would give 40/40 even if my Club thought they could tell me what to do.
  • It's up to the Director, not the Club. It's generally difficult to see who is to blame so 50-50 is a common decision. If I think it's clearly due to other circumstances such as a delayed start I sometimes award 60-60
  • I would assume that any change of suit over an opening bid 'could conceal four-card support.'
  • I have done that but I will be using a separate laptop that doesn't have the new movement on it. It's an occasional event where we take tables, boards, Bridgemates and a training laptop to a local restaurant for Bridge and lunch. I'm just being ov…
  • That was my other thought but, as discussed in another thread, it is more complicated with A and B Bridgemates. I have created a double movement, which I need to get on to the laptop I will be using. Thanks
  • When LHO makes an alerted suit bid and my partner doubles, without asking, I don't know what the double means - because I don't know whether the alerted bid was a natural suit or not. But then I don't know if my partner knows either. She may have …
  • It isn't quite 8 PT. I would call it a misbid.