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  • If the 2H is announced as strong and then turns out to be weak, I cannot understand why the opponents cannot double 4H if 3 passes have not been made. They could have missed game in another suit.
  • Gordon - 1 Nov - Martin said a player taps the table to pass & since a director at my club will not accept a tap, I always use my pass card. Always new things come up from a single subject discussion.
  • Easy to understand but do the faced cards remain or can declarer pick them up?
  • one point I would like to make - one director at my club will not accept a tap on the table as a pass even when the last pass is made! ref: Martin's comment
  • if the correct defender on lead calls the director before giving AI, could the TD aside and ask the declarer to lead any other suit or forbid the lead of specific suit?
  • Tag - just what I thought. I have now persuaded the complainant to speak to the club president, as Peter said, I need to witness the behavior myself before "putting my foot in it". thanks
  • I have one player at my club who always calls for the "knave". Also I often am not sure if declarer is calling for the A or 8 so I ask - although, as dummy, am I breaking a rule here? There is a lady who plays with her daughter. She just points t…
  • Thanks Gordon and everyone. All your responses have improved my knowledge and given me confidence to handle this law correctly. I would also like to add that other TD's comments on different subjects are a great help - I am new to directing.
  • Declarer was "waiving" her card when I reached the table not at the time of the incident. I was playing on the other side of the room. Dummy did all the talking and claimed it was not pulled out sufficiently enough to be played, whereas the opponen…
  • If player's do not ask what an alert means it is their own fault that they miss a contract & , maybe I am incorrect, but ACBL rules do not apply to a natural 2 Spade response. If it is a a point count then it is alertable.
  • my club is well behaved most of the time but one person can be a problem - when she starts having a go at her partner I just call her name and ask her to keep her voice down. She get's the message and settles down. another director frequently give…
  • supposing someone opens 2 clubs and partner states strong - opener's rho has great hand and bids 2NT to tell partner points and shape. everyone then passes, lead card and dummy put down then 2c opener states his 2c was weak. can you confirm when …
  • Thanks Gordon. I should have explained that I spend UK winter's in Australia and return home for rest of year. Often my queries are checking if the EBU have same or similar rulings or problems.
  • Some people count an ace as 1 1/4 - whilst a jack is only 3/4 so what is normal? common sense dictates here. whatever you do, someone will complain.
  • one of my partners gambles all the time. last night I managed to play 2 games as declarer, he the rest. even when I never made a bid, he kept on bidding. Opponents often tell me they get cross with him - apart from dropping him as a partner what d…
  • this piece was posted on a local club's site by an upcoming TD who claimed that dummy cannot revoke. Gordon makes it quite clear that dummy can revoke. I thought it would be of interest to other TD's and myself of course. many thanks for all the …
  • The things players do!!! I visited a club to partner a friend recently. Hard to believe but when playing at one table, an opponent pulled out a cheat sheet before making a bid. 'I don't think you are allowed to do that" & was immediately rep…
  • I use pottage to overcall 1NT and have never seen a transfer by the opponents. Is this a special system?
  • Thanks for the replies. I thought it was only the specified suit that may be picked up but the TD insisted on all the cards. People do get upset with some rulings but as Alan said "a big smile". elizabeth
  • I just don't get it. If offender's partner has played to the next trick I would have thought the revoke has been established. elizabeth
  • Thanks everyone. I've read all your responses. - the 4S was definitely the call & then a change of mind. Mechanical error was not mentioned. It was my partner who promptly called the TD, who always believes he is always correct however, I do r…
  • Thanks for all the replies. The club is small and we do have one other person who fills in (reluctantly) when the MP's is away. Our MPS does not check for anomalies and is reluctant to enter adjusted scores so I think it best to do as Gordon sug…
  • Thanks for your reply, it is most informative. Sheba is my login name (my favourite dog). I enjoy reading the comments each week. I found the forum when watching Gordon Rainsford TD videos. I have not found a similar forum in Australia. elizabe…