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  • I agree with much of what you say, Gravitono, except your comments regarding the strongest players. Although there are always exceptions, the matches against the strongest players can be the most enjoyable. In the main they recognise that our mist…
  • I prefer the existing weekend timings to those proposed, but even with the proposed changes I agree with Gordon that there is plenty of time to enjoy being by the sea.
  • Every player will have a comfort level of play as not everybody wishes to play competitively to the highest standard. I agree, though, that fear stops many players moving to a more competitive event when they may wish to. That may be a club evenin…
  • i agree that the reduction in numbers makes the average standard stronger. This deters weaker players from entering reducing field sizes still further. Although we were amongst the weaker players we had no issues of poor behaviour with opponents d…
  • EBU Congress prices are expensive, especially compared to county congresses which must deter entries. My partner and I do enter EBU congresses but limit the number as there are county congresses available with large entry lists at much lower cost.
  • I disagree with the idea of having congresses for players below certain grades - for example Jack high. Whilst this may be attractive to some players it limits such players entering the main congress. This reduces the range of standards within the…