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  • The MCWG response to the EBU on draft Strategic Plan ( and its questions Do you believe achievement of the individual strands of the proposed new Plan, as a whole, …
  • I found it quite difficult to experiment with stratifications. I couldn't get it to re-assign people on a new basis unless I did a full database update, and that often took a half hour (or longer). Is there another way? Am I missing something?
  • Had to rush off to play bridge just as I posted that last night. It's an issue for County Associations as well as for the EBU (whose attitude will get captured in their Strategic Plan, which prompted the thinking). The key thought I wanted to rais…
  • The biggest problem with the use of STOP cards is that so many of the people who learn to, and are told, to, use them do not understand the issues around bidding in tempo and of Unauthorised Information. It is for this reason that so much "abuse" ta…
  • Fully agree with David; the key is that the opposition should not be at a disadvantage and if we think they might be confused or misled, then we are honour bound to alert, whatever the words in the regulations are. We should never be looking for ex…
  • Very much like the last two comments; we have been talking in Cheltenham about a campaign under the banner of "the TD is your friend". We might have posters round the walls with this ...