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  • it is only in v2 of EBUScore. I had the same problem trying to find it in v1. it is not there !
  • If you use the excellent "BBO Extractor" it creates an XML file for upload to EBUScore
    in BBO scoring Comment by mickg May 13
  • I have been training club directors of clubs in my county on behalf of the EBU and my county. Clubs have started by using EBU directors and paying £40 per session. After the training they have felt confident to run their own sessions.
  • Does anyone know if you can join the EBU session as a Kibitzer just to watch ? If you can, how is it done and is it free ?
    in On-line Games Comment by mickg April 8
  • Gordon, as this topic of online bridge is likely to grow rapidly, maybe you should think about setting up a separate forum "Online Bridge". Just a thought.
  • Gordon, I totally agree with Mark about documentation. Having had a career in IT, in my experience, good documentation is essential to systems development. It is not just as a user guide but also critical in the development stages to get user requir…
  • if the 2D bid was just a relay and promised nothing but was simply allowing opener to describe his hand, then is not pass now doing the same thing, ie the same meaning. So is pass a comparable bid ?
  • I find these forums very useful but often get frustrated when someone asks for a ruling but instead gets a whole load of views and comments. I much prefer it when Robin or Gordon give a definitive answer. So see this one .... ** [Name & original…
  • Would it not be up to partnership agreement as to whether the final double of 3NT means lead the transfer suit ( Hearts ) or the transfered suit (Spades ).
  • Jonathan, I have the EBUScore Manual produced by Robin in Oct 2017. It is very good especially for new users with excellent screen shots. However it is for version 1.1.3. Having spent many years in IT, I would expect this to be updated for the new r…
  • There seems to be a common theme of dislike to long journeys, long matches and late finishes. As we all get older this is a major problem with evening matches. So why not promote daytime matches for those of us that are retired and would much prefe…
  • Jonathan, will there be a new manual/documentaion for version 1.2 as it is quite a change from 1.1 ?
  • Michael, I know that some bridge "centres" who have a number of clubs that play at their premises need to have multiple copies of EBUScore on the one computer. Can you also give advice/instructions on how to do this.
  • Thanks Jeff. Very useful.
  • Using the beta version, it will not load the Bridgemate Control Software. It loads something called Bridge Scorer Control that I have never seen before. I realised the file destination was pointing to this Bridge Scorer and not Bridgemate. So I had…
  • When is 1.2.2 expected ?
  • Thanks for that. Never used this "F" facility. What is the criteria for using it and setting up a separate group ? How many times should a board be fouled to use this rather than just awarding AV+/AV+ ? Does the White Book define this ?
  • Can you tell me how to divide into groups and score them separately. Is there a facility in EBUScore to do this or is it a manual exercise if if so how is it done. I have never had the need to do it and have no idea how.
  • @IanC said: In MrBridge #196, one of the questions for David Stevenson related to a fouled board where, at one table, the players had turned the board through 90 and hence returned their cards to the wrong slots. This happened at my club last …
  • @gordonrainsford said: Thanks ** [Name & original comment removed at contributor's request]**, and everyone else, for identifying these things. Please keep notifying us of them here and we'll try to get them all dealt with as soon as possi…
    in EBUSCore 1.2.1 Comment by mickg May 2019
  • @gordonrainsford said: @mickg said: Surely, there should be a description of changes with each new version. Easily done with a link next to the new version download in "myebu". Like this? yes, thanks gordon. but where is …
    in EBUSCore 1.2.1 Comment by mickg May 2019
  • Surely, there should be a description of changes with each new version. Easily done with a link next to the new version download in "myebu".
    in EBUSCore 1.2.1 Comment by mickg May 2019
  • At my club, we used Scorebridge but decided to move to EBUScore. I was the only EBUScore user so I put together a small instruction document and gave a 2 hour training course/demo. We now have about a dozen people scoring all our club nights using …
  • I would recommend Mike Rothwell's Bridge Scorer program. It is specifically written for 2 teams of 8 matches. It works with bridgemates and is very, very easy to use. You can download it from his website.
  • That is great. Many thanks