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  • Thx for quick response and of course your software.
  • @weejonnie said: I am having difficulties getting on the website - is it just me? (Tried three browsers) I had that problem on my desktop, but got through ok on my laptops. Just tried now on my desktop again and doesn’t like…
  • Any reason clubs aren’t pushing Bridge Club Live? I’m going through the process now. Only disadvantage is you play against strangers unless you play in Social or Teams rooms.
  • If you're using Australian, are you sure you're choosing Australian Multisection. UK and American looks after itself.
  • Think you'll find Alan that changing 6 or 7 Bridgemates to Section B will take well under a minute and solve all your problems.
  • Think you’re right there ** [Name & original comment removed at contributor's request]**. Originally you had to log a handset off. Now just give any spare Bridgemate the section Letter and table number and it takes over the table where the probl…
  • Just a comment. We NGS our Pivot Teams events, but we would use EBUScore for these.
  • Go to the ENTER scores tab, choose board number and in the extreme right column (score) just enter F for all the tables (pairs) that played the board in the wrong orientation.
  • Does the latest version group sections to show %'s correctly on table top unit?
  • I use Windows 10 plus Edge and don't have a problem with Sims files. I normally save the file to my Desktop and either open it into Bos or Dealer 4 from there.
    in SIMS Files Comment by Triffid May 2019
  • A Round Robin is just a tournament where all teams play each other once. Multiple Teams at Bridge is one example of this. All football leagues play a double Round Robin I.e. Each team plays each other twice. Your scoring program will have these move…
  • What's wrong with the two-session one already there?
  • Does it matter that these EBU numbers will have many different names?
    in Bots Comment by Triffid January 2019
  • @Paul_Gibbons said: An explanation of how to make all this happen is probably too long for here but I could provide it in a suitable location or by email. Would appreciate an e-mail re set-up etc Paul, or a space on the EBU site for Paul t…
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  • No Drury Vlad
  • @Robin_BarkerTD said: Not answering your question but ... would East bid 3D if they knew 2NT was a good 4-card raise? East said they would have passed given a correct explanation.
  • @Paul_Gibbons said: Just checked EBUScore 1.1.9 and in a standard mitchell you can only arrow-switch the first n rounds or the last n rounds Correct. Try EBU compatible scorers or Jeff's original programs. These allow any round to be arrow-s…
  • @Senior_Kibitzer said: I haven't tried arrow-switching Round 1. Which way should the names go in the bridgemates? As they physically sit in first round. But as Paul said, not everyone wii understand. Round 2 better if a simple Mitchell.
  • I think EBU Score or certainly Jeff's program now allows any round to be arrow-switched. @Paul_Gibbons said: One club I know used to arrow switch on Round 2. This avoided the problems with names the wrong way round in Round 1 and allowed the ca…
  • Also makes sure everyone arrowswitches together. Last round, tables finish at different times and forget, or Director likes a drink and they forget to announce it.
  • We run a Sims event twice a year. I usually just ask the scorers to send the .bws file via e-mail and I create separate sections and merge them, or if clubs use EBU score then just the .dat files. The .bws route means I have to type in the names tho…
  • @milton said: Well I joined bridgewinners already, and I have created a general poll. Anfortunately I read Barries post after so I had set both questions from the beggining. Do you think it's usefull for our discussion, to post the link in…
  • Very easy with EBUScore. Can be totally different movements and number of tables if you wish. Currently up to 50 sections supported I think. So only need one server and computer.
  • I understand you're playing 1 board on round 3 now (they will already have played the 2nd board of the 2-board set). This was assuming you were passing the 2 boards down when both finished. Much better to keep boards moving as soon as one is finishe…
    in Swiss Pairs Comment by Triffid May 2018
  • 2 sets of boards per 5 tables, therefore you can get away with 4 sets assuming no more than 10 tables. Boards in sequence tables 1-10 as your suggestion 2). Each board passed down 1 table as soon as finished. Boards from table 1 to table10. (Not sur…
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  • That link just fetches me back to this page.
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  • Yes, South will play in 2H, agreed. So, to be clear, N doesn't have to make his normal response if S is forced to pass, and can guess a final contract., but S, has to make his normal opening bid, knowing that partner hasn't a comparable call availab…
  • Generally, when the BMs show no names available, I find the names are actually in the scoring program. From there (EBUscore) it is simple to rewrite the names to BCS, and the next round shows the names on the BMs
  • That's the format mine have in the txt file. Can you write this directly in a txt file rather than using New Movement in movement library? Also, what does the "5" represent in the first line?