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  • @Triffid said: Does it matter that these EBU numbers will have many different names? Their first names are both "BBO" and their last names are "Bot A" and "Bot B". You can call them what you like, but you might want to use these so that the …
    in Bots Comment by michael January 2019
  • I've just set up two EBU numbers for the BBO bots: 00900000 and 00900001. They were born today (happy birthday!) so it'll be 25 years before anyone has to pay their Universal Membership! This is for BBO bots only. If any other bots come along, we'l…
    in Bots Comment by michael January 2019
  • The CSV file updates every morning, so new people will appear then. It's worth pointing out, though, that only current EBU members go into that file, so they won't show if you haven't made them a member yet.
  • It might be quite fun to give the bots two EBU numbers (it has to be two, because the system doesn't like individuals playing twice in a session) and see where their NGS ends up. If we make the bots juniors then you won't get charged for it either.
    in Bots Comment by michael January 2019
  • @16248 said: Master Points reflect how long you have been playing.. And how much you spent on buying Green Points. And people who have played for a long time and enter lots of stronger events tend (on average, and with plenty of counter-exam…
  • I used to hate on master points too, but if you look at the data they're actually a pretty good indicator of strength. There are exceptions, of course, and they're the ones you notice, but the correlation is still quite strong. I made a graph of thi…
  • If I was learning programming from scratch, I doubt I'd buy a book these days. YouTube will have loads of great tutorials, and reference websites will be much more useful than a quickly obsolete book. Once you've learned the basics, the best way to …
    in python Comment by michael October 2018
  • If you mark the text with backticks, it'll turn it into a fixed-width font. You can do this inline, like this, or in a block. like this It's a bit fiddly to get right, so I'd suggest frequent use of the Preview button - it took me a few attempts t…
  • It's certainly not ideal for formatting bridge hands, but you can use the code format (from the format dropdown, or with backticks). Like this: N/S vuln Q6 AQ753 93 J642 AK832 975 42 …
  • Your 1 in 20 calculation is for a single hand, so you shouldn't add your wife's voids to your total. The probability of there being one or more voids in a deal is closer to 1 in 5.
  • It might be possible to disable the mobile theme. Does anyone here prefer it? The full site theme seems to work well on mobile too, so I'm not sure a separate mobile theme is actually necessary.
  • The link's over on the right too.
    in Forums Comment by michael March 2018
  • @Alan16248 - not sure what you mean by "it doesn't have the same format" since as far as I can tell it's identical. Do you mean that Gordon's post has a blue 'Announcement' tag? That just means it's sticky to the top, until he decides to demote it. …
  • It seems that quite a lot of people are signing up with what appears to be their EBU number as their forum name (possibly confusing it with the My EBU user name). If anyone regrets their decision, drop me or @PeterS a message and we can change it to…
    in Welcome! Comment by michael October 2017
  • Just testing out the suit-symbol emojis, which you can now use in your posts and replies.
    in Welcome! Comment by michael October 2017