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    I'm not confident that having a different copy of the XML file for UMS upload will achieve anything. We load results via EBUScore then Pianola. Unless both those platforms undergo programme enhancements the BBOconverted XML file upload to EBUScore will simply return error messages. The scoring side of EBUScore requires that the NS & EW MP's total the same for every board . It will not allow the missing pair side of the board to be 0 and just the unaltered opposing pairs scores to stand. What will the traveller lines show? This all comes down to the fact that computer systems are, in the main, logical beasts. In order to appease players who, understandably, get demoralised by seeing the robot pairs come in the top third often, we are trying to solve the issue by getting logical systems to cope with a situation where the input to the system is what actually occurred but to then convert data so that the output shows a different version of events. This will be extremely problematic for just one program to work with leave alone the BBO Extractor/BBOtoXMLBBO software, EBUScore, Pianola, Bridgewebs and EBU. On top of that there is the compliance with the White Book rules.

    I think it has to boil down to either living with the robots or allowing sitouts .

    October 2020
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