Blue Points

Blue Points were introduced on 1st January 2013 to facilitate more local events where members can earn points counting towards ranks requiring Green Points. Blue Points are awarded in certain events including: one-session EBU competitions; EBU Sim Pairs competitions; some specific club and county competitions (see the Blue Points document for details). All Master Point ranks will allow up to 50 Green Points to be replaced by Blue Points in the ratio of 3 Blue = 1 Green. Members will, therefore, be able to reach Premier Regional Master rank entirely with Blue Points, or a combination of Blues and Greens, but will require Green Points to reach higher ranks. Blue Point awards will use the current Local Point scales (1 Blue = 100 Local).

On a player’s master point record and on My EBU, Blue Points are shown as local points, but coloured blue: 1 Blue Point = 100 blue master points.  In results, Blue Point awards are usually shown as Blue Points with a decimal point.