National Grading Scheme (NGS)

The NGS is a measure of performance for EBU members, which is relevant to the vast majority of the membership, from novices to ordinary club players to Internationals.

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Understanding NGS

Whilst the EBU Master Point Scheme (MPS) has been in place since 1956 to provide a system for recognising players’ attainments and its objective is to measure the cumulative achievement over the whole bridge-playing career of a member, in April 2012 the EBU introduced a National Grading Scheme (NGS) in order to provide EBU members with a measure of their current playing performance. The NGS gives an indication of an individual’s current playing ability based on the last 80 or so playing sessions at whatever level they play. The NGS is not a replacement for the MPS. The two schemes are independent and complementary. The NGS does not require affiliated clubs to do anything other than upload their session files as usual. Clubs may, however, wish to help in publicising and explaining the scheme to their members

Objectives of the NGS

  • To provide a fair and trustworthy measure of an individual’s current performance when playing duplicate bridge, which is easy to understand and reflects changes (both up and down) in an individual’s current standard of play.
  • To enable new competitions to be constructed for use in Club, County and National competitions based on the current performance of individuals, through treating the measure of current performance as a “handicap”.