Heather Dhondy - Interview

Heather was born in London in 1966 and lives in Hendon with husband, Jeremy. Heather is an accountant as well as a professional bridge player, teacher and writer. She is also a member of the EBU Board and Chairman of the Selection Committee.
The highlight of Heather's international career occurred in 2008 at the Mind Sports Games in Beijing where the England women won the Gold medal.

1. What do you do?

I’m a part-time accountant for a utilities company and part-time bridge writer and teacher.

2. How did you start playing bridge?

Just before I went to university my parents bought a bridge book and the family began learning together. Before that we had been playing very simple “kitchen” bridge as a family.

My first international outing was in 1987 when, as part of the Universities team, I represented England in the Entente Cordiale. At the age of 24, I began playing for the Ladies team.

3. What are some of your achievements in bridge?

I won the Bronze medal in the Olympiad in Istanbul in 2004, and Gold at the World Mixed Teams in Rhodes in 1996, as well as three European Championships.
In addition, I have won a record 13 Lady Milne trophies; eight of them partnering Sally Anoyrkatis and more recently, five in partnership with Nicola Smith. Winning Gold in Beijing was the highlight of my bridge career.

4. Where do you play bridge?

I don’t play much club bridge. When I do it is at a variety of London clubs. Mainly I prefer to play teams matches though.

5. How often do you play?

About 2 days a week on average (mostly at weekends).

6. How would you encourage more people to take up bridge?

Getting more publicity for the game would get people interested in taking it up. Easier said than done, though!

7. What talent do you most admire in others?

Card-reading. If you are fortunate to play against the likes of Meckstroth, for example, you feel as though your cards are all face up – he seems to know where every one is when he’s playing a hand.

8. What food would you most like to be marooned on a desert island with?

Roasted vegetables.

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