Educational implications


  • Patterns and sequences
  • Working with unknown numbers (basic algebra)
  • Probability and certainty
  • Adding/subtracting, single & two figure numbers

Thinking Skills

  • Working memory
  • Focus and concentration
  • Handle key data
  • Apply strategic reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Deductive and inferential logic

English Language and Communication

  • Justify actions
  • Contribute effectively to group discussion
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Listen and respond appropriately to others
  • Challenge others appropriately
  • Explain a problem or a solution to a problem

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

  • Negotiate
  • Respect others’ boundaries
  • Take turns
  • Show patience and tolerance
  • Handle pressure
  • Cope with winning and losing
  • Comply with rules
  • Trust partner’s decisions and actions
  • Cope with competition
  • Sit still and allow others time and space
  • Cooperate with a partner
  • Resolve conflict with partner or opponents