How to play Minibridge 4 to 9

Before Play:
* Each player counts their High Card Points and announces the total to the table
* The deal is abandoned and a new hand dealt when both pairs have 20 High Card Points each
* The pair with 21 or more High Card Points become Boss and Puppet Attackers
* From the pair with at least 21 high card points the player with the most points becomes the Boss
* If both players have equal points the player who announced their points first correctly will be Boss or the two Attackers can negotiate who will be Boss
* The opposing pair become Defenders
* The Puppet's cards are then laid out face up on the table in vertical columns for each suit
* The Boss announces the Attackers' Trick Target

Play to the first Trick:
* The first card (or opening lead) is played (face up on the table) by the Defender to the left of The Boss. The Puppet plays second always to this first trick
* The Boss nominates a card to be played by the Puppet hand (13 cards now on table) and play continues clockwise until each player has played one card each and completed the first trick
* Play continues to further tricks with The Boss choosing the card played from the Puppet hand in turn throughout the rest of the play

Play to All Tricks:
* The suit of the first card played to a trick is the suit in play
* The highest card played from the suit in play wins the trick
* The winner of each trick plays first to the next trick and can play any card from any suit
* Players must follow suit to the suit in play at all times ie if clubs are in play any player who holds a club must play one
* If a player cannot follow suit they must still play a card to a trick but they can choose any one of their remaining cards to use

Add Trump Play for Bridge:
* After the Puppet's cards are placed on the table and before play commences the Boss can elect a Trump Suit
* A card from the trump suit beats any card from another suit and another trump card of lower rank provided:
* * [1] The trump suit itself is the suit in play or
* * [2] A player has run out of cards in the suit in play and elects to use a trump card instead

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