How to score in Minibridge

Now that you have a basic understanding of Minibridge, you will need to know how to score.

  1. Each deal is scored independently, and the winners of the session are the partnership that scores the most points overall. The score for the deal should be recorded at the end of play of each deal, preferably by each of the players.
  2. The declaring side only scores points if they win the target number of tricks (or more).
  3. No points are won for the first six tricks. For each additional trick, points are scored according to the contract, as follows:
  4. Clubs/diamonds 20 points Hearts/spades 30 points No-trumps 40 points for the first scoring trick, 30 points for each subsequent trick (Note that the goals of nine, ten or eleven tricks, according to the choice of trumps, will lead to a total of 100+ points — the requirement for game.)
  5. If game has been announced before the play of the cards (and it is achieved) you gain a bonus of 300 points.
  6. If a part-score has been announced (and seven or more tricks have been made) you gain a bonus of 50 points.
  7. If you do not reach your goal, you do not get any points for the tricks you do make. Instead, the Defenders get 50 points for each trick that the declaring side are short of their target.

Scoring Examples (Assume South is Declarer in all cases.)

Declarer’s Announcement Declarer’s tricks Calculation North/South score East/West score
Part score in 8 2 x 20 + 50 90  
Part score in 6 1 x 50 away   50
Game in 10 4 x 30 + 300 420  
Part score in 10 4 x 30 + 50 170  
Game in 8 2 x 50 away   100
Part score in NT 9 40+30+30 + 50 150  
Game in NT 9 40+30+30 + 300 400  
Game in NT 8 1 x 50 away   50
Game in 12 6 x 20 + 300 420