Members area passwords

If you're here you can't log on to My EBU. There could be a few reasons for this.

You have a password but it doesn't work

  1. Check that you're using the correct case. Passwords are case-sensitive so any capital letters need to be typed in as such. Check that you don't have CAPS LOCK switched on, as this will reverse all your key strokes.
  2. If you try an incorrect password too many times, it will stop you from logging in for a few minutes. Go and make a cup of tea and try again later.
  3. If it still doesn't work, you can reset it to something new. See instructions below.

You don't have a password

You can request a new password, but only if we have your correct email address on our database. You may have provided us with this when you joined, or set it via My EBU if you have been able to log in in the past. If we have your email, enter your EBU number in the box below and click Submit.


If we don't have your email address on record, you'll have to contact us and let us know what it is. We'll then add it to your account and you'll then be able to reset your password using the form above. Please call 01296 317200, or email We will need to confirm your identity, so please include your EBU number and home address in any communications.

You've asked for an email but it hasn't arrived

  1. Automated emails can be susceptible to getting caught in spam filters, so check your spam software to see if it's there. Often your ISP will have its own spam filter which blocks emails before they reach you; ask them for details.
  2. Perhaps we don't have the correct email address on our database, or something is spelled incorrectly. Contact us (see above) and check we have your details right.
  3. If it still doesn't work, contact us and we can advise you on further options.

You don't want to give us your email address!

  1. You need to tell us an email address so that our system can send the password reset email to you.
  2. If you're concerned about us sending you marketing emails or other things you don't want, there are options in your My Details tab of My EBU (once you've logged in) to control this. Uncheck Receive EBU Emails? to stop us including you in mailshots, and uncheck Receive Non-EBU Mailings? to stop us sending you occasional advertising from third-parties.
  3. If you're still concerned about us knowing your email address, create a temporary one. You only need it for the first email notification and thereafter you can ignore it. There are several free email services, as well as disposable email addresses like: