National Mens Pairs

For the Keith Stanley Salver This event started in 1995, joining the National Womens Pairs. It ended in 2009. 

Last updated: 5th June 2023

Year Winners  
1995 Keith Shuttleworth Brian Nicholls
1996 Peter Clinch Julian Mitchell
1997 Harry Anoyrkatis Ian Pagan
1998 Harry Anoyrkatis Ian Pagan
1999 Tony Waterlow Derek Oram (picture)
2000 Hugh McGann Tommy Garvey
2001 Bob Rowlands Ting To
2002 Chris Jagger Ian Pagan
2003 Waseem Naqvi Philip Levy
2004 Jeremy Dhondy Keith Bennett
2005 David Burn Rob Cliffe
2006 John Matheson Bernard Teltscher (picture)
2007 Chris Jagger Ian Pagan
2008 Nick Boss Richard Johnson (picture)
2009 Alan Kay Derek Oram (picture)