Why is Minibridge good for children?

It has long been believed by those who teach and are also involved in bridge that learning the game or a simplified version of it Minibridge will benefit school pupils not only in their education but in later years when they have more time available and look to a leisure pursuit which will have benefits to their health.

An experienced Bridge teacher states: “Minibridge has proven suitable for classroom use, allowing children the opportunity to improve their logical and lateral thinking skills within the framework of play, which offers dynamic brain training.”

A study commissioned by the EBU at St Paul’s School in Manchester showed that bridge and Minibridge taught skills in numeracy, problem solving, probability, speaking, listening, rule following, team building, mental capacity and much more.

At the time of the study, David Miliband, then Minister of State for Schools Standards said, “Innovations such as Minibridge are to be encouraged...it was a pleasure to witness primary school children’s complete concentration, whilst so obviously enjoying playing a game that is proven to improve their school learning ability.”