Welcome to the International Selections and Trials home page. Here you will find information on all the England representative teams, who they are, how they fared and how you can try out to join them.

Internationals News

De Botton team leads Premier League

The team of Janet de Botton, David Bakhshi, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins, Artur Malinowski & Tom Townsend lead the First Division after the first weekend of the Premier League. They ended the first round-robin with a 13.85 VP lead over the team of Jeff Morris, John Hassett, Tom Slater & Alec Smalley (Catherine Draper and Andrew Woodcock will join the team in later rounds).

The Second Division is being led by the team of Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, David Kendrick & Mike Scoltock (Paul Barden and Jonathan Mestel will join the team in later rounds).

James Thrower, Ali Ahmed, Petar Ivanov & Todor Tiholov lead the Third Division (Fiona Brown will join the team in later rounds) - however that division is playing two round-robins (not three) and the first round is yet to be completed.

The second and third weekends take place on 27th/28th October and 3rd/4th November.

In addition to this being a prestigious competition in its own right, it serves as a trial with the winners of the First Division earning selection to represent England in one weekend of the Camrose Trophy.

Hinden team leads qualifiers in European Mixed Teams Trials

The first stage of the trials to represent England in the European Mixed Teams Championships has been completed, with the Hinden team going through as top seeds.

Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Michael Byrne & Fiona Brown will have the first choice of opponents in the semi-final stage. The semi-final and final will take place on 8th-9th December.

The three teams joining them in the semi-finals are:
Catherine Seale, David Gold, Claire Robinson & John Atthey;
Anita Sinclair, Peter Crouch, Helen Erichsen, Espen Erichsen, Simon Cope & Marion Robertson;
Sarah Bell, Mike Bell, Alex Hydes, Yvonne Wiseman & Heather Dhondy.

The European Mixed Teams Championships are in Lisbon in February.

BBO operators needed

In order to provide coverage on Bridge Base Online of forthcoming competitions, we need more operators - those who sit at the table and watch, and click the relevant bids and cards as the play progresses so it appears online.

No previous experience is needed - it isn't hard and you can be shown what to do - and a contribution to your expenses at a rate of 80p per board is given.

Operators are needed for competitions at various times during the year in London and the West Midlands (including international trials, the Camrose Trophy, the Premier League, the Crockfords Cup, and Schapiro Spring Foursomes).

If you are willing to help, please contact for more details.