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Internationals News

All four teams reach Quarter Finals in Wuhan

The World Bridge Championships, taking place from 14th-28th September 2019, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, have reached the end of the Round Robin stage, and the four England teams have all qualified for the knockouts.

The final days were of varying levels of exciting, with the Mixed team comfortably qualifying, winning the group by over a match. The Women and Seniors were in strong positions, only needing to avoid disasters, which they did. They finished fifth and fourth, respectively. For the Open team, things were a little more interesting, as they were fighting around the bottom of the qualifying positions. But a good win over China on the final day turned out to be enough to give them 7th position.

The Quarter Finals start tomorrow, and we wish all four teams the best of luck!

The teams are:
Mixed: Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne; Sally Brock & Barry Myers; Fiona Brown & Michael Byrne; NPC: Paul Barden
Open: Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger; David Bakhshi & Artur Malinowski; Tony Forrester & Andrew Robson; NPC: Neil Rosen; Coach: Andrew Murphy
Seniors: John Holland & Alan Mould; David Muller & Malcolm Pryor; David Kendrick & Trevor Ward; NPC: David S Jones
Women: Heather Dhondy & Nevena Senior; Catherine Draper & Gillian Fawcett; Nicola Smith & Yvonne Wiseman; NPC: David Gold; Coach: David Burn
  • World Bridge Federation Event website
  • Open Women Mixed Seniors
    Sat 21st, 03:00 19 Bangladesh
    14.18 - 5.82
    19 Japan
    3.42 - 16.58
    19 Chinese Taipei
    14.80 - 5.20
    19 Australia
    16.09 - 3.91
    Sat 21st, 06:30 20 Morocco
    19.85 - 0.15
    20 Brazil
    15.38 - 4.62
    20 Brazil
    8.24 - 11.76
    20 India
    6.96 - 12.79
    Sat 21st, 09:30 21 Sweden
    2.03 - 17.97
    21 USA 1
    3.27 - 16.73
    21 Indonesia
    9.09 - 10.91
    21 France
    4.44 - 15.56
    Sun 22nd, 03:00 22 China
    14.18 - 5.82
    22 Denmark
    12.55 - 6
    22 Pakistan
    18.33 - 1.67
    22 Canada
    16.26 - 3.74
    Sun 22nd, 06:30 23 USA 2
    9.39 - 10.61
    23 USA 2
    13.52 - 6.48
    23 China
    11.20 - 8.80
    23 Chinese Taipei
    11.76 - 8.24
    Mon 23rd, 03:00 QF1 USA 1
    QF1 Poland
    QF1 Latvia
    QF1 China
    Mon 23rd, 06:30 QF2 USA 1
    QF2 Poland
    QF2 Latvia
    QF2 China
    Mon 23rd, 09:30 QF3 USA 1
    QF3 Poland
    QF3 Latvia
    QF3 China
    RR Total 276.99 279.9 311.19 275.09
    Position 7 5 1 4
    For the full schedule use the results page.

Still time to enter the Crockfords Cup

There is still chance to enter a team in the 2019/20 Crockfords Cup. Entries for 2019 were due to close on 16th September, but will now be accepted until 12 noon on Tuesday 24th September.

This competition is England's premier teams championship. It consists of knock-out matches in the early stages, played privately, qualifying eight teams to contest an all-play-all final.

The competition is also part of the Championship Series, in which points can be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship.

You can enter online through My EBU, or with the competitions department - or 01296 317203/219.

For more information please visit the Crockfords webpage.

EBU Trials dates for 2019-2020

The EBU Selection Committee has undertaken to hold trials for all international events, and we have agreed dates and the provisional format for trials to select the England teams for the European Championships and the Olympiad in 2020. More information will be supplied once applications for these trials are open.

Update: The EBU selection committee has listened to feedback about the scheduling of the European Trials in 2019/20 and has therefore revised the dates of the women’s and mixed trials. The first stage of the women’s trials will now be held at the same time as the final stage of the open trials. Any women who have entered both trials and progress to the final of the open trials will be granted exemption to the final stage of the women’s trials.