European Champions’ Cup - a history

This event started in 2002. It is an annual competition for the national club champions from the top 10 countries in the previous European Championship. England has selected teams using a number of events but for some years now the winners of the Premier League are invited to represent England. In the first two years there were 8 teams but since then it has expanded to 12 teams with the holders invited and also a second team from the home nation. Last updated 20th January 2019

Year Venue Winners England Team
2002 Warsaw, Poland Italy Patrick Collins, Denis O’Donovan, Derek Patterson, John Short (8th)
2003 Rome, Italy Italy No team
2004 Barcelona, Spain Italy David Bakhshi, David Gold, Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Andrew Robson, Tom Townsend (11th)
2005 Brussels, Belgium Italy David Bakhshi, Andrew McIntosh, Andrew Robson, Alexander Allfrey (7th)
2006 Rome, Italy Germany Jon Cooke, Alexander Hydes, Richard Probst, Paul Gibbons (7th)
2007 Wroclaw, Poland Italy David Burn, Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Artur Malinowski, Nick Sandqvist, Janet de Botton (7th)
2008 Amsterdam, Netherlands Italy No team
2009 Paris, France Italy No team
2010 Izmir, Turkey Netherlands No team
2011 Bad Honnef, Germany Italy No team
2012 Eilat, Israel Italy No team
2013 Opatija, Croatia Italy Jeffrey Allerton, Chris Jagger, Graham Osborne, Frances Hinden (10th)
2014 Milan, Italy Italy Alexander Allfrey, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Andrew McIntosh, Andrew Robson, David Bakhshi (6th)
2015 Milton Keynes, England Italy England: Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Mike Bell, David Bakhshi (5th) EBU: Simon Gillis, Tom Hanlon, Zia Mahmood, Boye Brogeland, Espen Lindqvist, Erik Saelensminde (3rd)
2016 Zagreb, Croatia Monaco Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett, Alex Hydes, David Mossop, David Price, Paul Hackett (Colin Simpson was part of the team but was unable to participate) (8th)
2017 Riga, Latvia Netherlands Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester, David Bakhshi, David Gold, & Mike Bell (4th)
2018 Eilat, Israel Netherlands Andrew Black, Andrew McIntosh, Gunnar Hallberg, Phil King, David Gold, & Derek Patterson (3rd)
2019 Bucharest, Romania Netherlands Mike Bell, Tony Forrester, David Gold, Graham Osborne, Andrew Robson & Alexander Allfrey (playing captain) (2nd)
2020     Event Cancelled
2021 Pedinsk, Slovakia Norway David Bakhshi, Janet de Botton, Espen Erichsen, Glyn Liggins, Artur Malinowski, Tom Townsend (PC) (5th)