European Championships

  • This event started in 1932 (see note 1) and was annual but is now every two years.
  • The 50th event was in Ostend in 2010
  • *=Our team was Great Britain up until 1999
  • The Womens' Championship started in 1935 and the Seniors' in 1995.
  • In the Open Series(54 championships) we have won 19 medals (7 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals and 6 Bronze medals)
  • In the Womens' Series(51 championships we have won 30 medals (15 Gold medals, 8 Silver medals and 8 Bronze medals)
  • In the Seniors (13 championships) we have won one Gold medal
  • Only twice have teams won medals in all three events at the same Championships - France in 1995 and England in 2014
  • England (including Great Britain), France and Poland are the only teams to have won all three competitions.
Year Venue Open Winners England* Women Winners England* Seniors Winners England* Mixed Winners England*
1932 (1) Scheveningen, Netherlands AUSTRIA 4th            
1933 London, England AUSTRIA 5th            
1934 Vienna, Austria HUNGARY 4th            
1935 Brussels, Belgium FRANCE 5th AUSTRIA 6th        
1936 Stockholm, Sweden AUSTRIA 7th AUSTRIA No  team        
1937 Budapest, Hungary AUSTRIA 5th AUSTRIA 6th        
1938 Oslo, Norway HUNGARY 4th DENMARK 4th        
1939 The Hague, Netherlands SWEDEN 6th FRANCE 2nd        
1948 Copenhagen, Denmark GREAT BRITAIN 1st DENMARK 2nd        



Paris, France GREAT BRITAIN 1st DENMARK 3rd        



Brighton, England GREAT BRITAIN 1st GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1951 Venice, Italy ITALY 3rd GREAT BRITAIN (picture) 1st        
1952 Dun Laoghaire, Ireland SWEDEN 4th GREAT BRITAIN 1st        



Helsinki, Finland FRANCE 2nd FRANCE 5th        
1954 Montreaux, Switzerland GREAT BRITAIN 1st FRANCE 4th        
1955 Amsterdam, Netherlands FRANCE 7th DENMARK 3rd        
1956 Stockholm, Sweden ITALY 4th FRANCE 5th        
1957 Vienna, Austria ITALY 3rd DENMARK 2nd        
1958 Oslo, Norway ITALY 2nd DENMARK 7th        
1959 Palermo, Italy ITALY 3rd GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1961 Torquay, England GREAT BRITAIN 1st GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1962 Beirut, Lebanon FRANCE 4th SWEDEN 5th        
1963 Baden-Baden, Germany GREAT BRITAIN 1st GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1965 Ostend, Belgium ITALY 4th FRANCE 2nd        
1966 Warsaw, Poland FRANCE 4th GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1967 Dublin, Ireland ITALY 3rd SWEDEN 3rd        
1969 Oslo, Norway ITALY 9th FRANCE 2nd        
1970 Estoril, Portugal FRANCE 5th ITALY 4th        
1971 Athens, Greece ITALY 2nd ITALY 6th        
1973 Ostend, Belgium ITALY 8th ITALY 3rd        
1974 Herzliya, Israel FRANCE 7th ITALY 7th        
1975 Brighton, England ITALY 3rd GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1977 Elsinore, Denmark SWEDEN 9th ITALY 2nd        
1979 Lausanne, Switzerland ITALY 6th GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1981 Birmingham, England POLAND 2nd GREAT BRITAIN 1st        
1983 Wiesbaden, Germany FRANCE 13th FRANCE 3rd        
1985 Salsomaggiore, Italy AUSTRIA 6th FRANCE 2nd        
1987 Brighton, England SWEDEN 2nd FRANCE 3rd        
1989 Turku, Finland POLAND 10th GERMANY 6th        
1991 Killarney, Ireland GREAT BRITAIN 1st AUSTRIA 4th        
1993 Menton, France POLAND 9th SWEDEN 6th        
1995 Vilamoura, Portugal ITALY 14th FRANCE 4th POLAND 9th***    
1997 Montecatini, Italy ITALY 7th GREAT BRITAIN (picture) 1st FRANCE 9th    
1999 Malta ITALY 12th GREAT BRITAIN 1st FRANCE 1 13th    
2001 Tenerife, Spain ITALY 14th ENGLAND (picture) 1st POLAND 1 5th**    
2002 Salsomaggiore, Italy ITALY 8th NETHERLANDS 3rd FRANCE 11th    
2004 Malmo, Sweden ITALY 5th SWEDEN 7th DENMARK 8th    
2006 Warsaw, Poland ITALY 10th FRANCE 3rd GERMANY 10th    
2008 Pau, France NORWAY 12th FRANCE 9th TURKEY 7th    
2010 Ostend, Belgium ITALY 12th FRANCE 5th POLAND 14th    
2012 Dublin, Ireland MONACO 4th ENGLAND (picture) 1st FRANCE 10th    
2014 Opatija, Croatia MONACO (4) 2nd (4) NETHERLANDS 2nd ENGLAND 1st    
2016 Budapest, Hungary FRANCE 10th ENGLAND 1st ISRAEL 10th    
2018 Ostend, Belgium NORWAY 7th POLAND 5th FRANCE 8th    
2019 Lisbon, Portugal             SWEDEN 5th
2022 Madeira, Portugal NETHERLANDS 12th POLAND 12th POLAND 8th    

(1) The 1932 event was an invitation event ** There were two England teams and the other team was 8th *** There were two Great Britain teams and the other one was 15th (4) Israel originally finished in first place but following disciplinary cases they were removed from the standings. England were therefore promoted from 3rd to 2nd. Last updated 12/10/2018