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Internationals News

EBU Trials dates for 2019-2020

The EBU Selection Committee has undertaken to hold trials for all international events, and we have agreed dates and the provisional format for trials to select the England teams for the European Championships and the Olympiad in 2020. More information will be supplied once applications for these trials are open.

Update: The EBU selection committee has listened to feedback about the scheduling of the European Trials in 2019/20 and has therefore revised the dates of the women’s and mixed trials. The first stage of the women’s trials will now be held at the same time as the final stage of the open trials. Any women who have entered both trials and progress to the final of the open trials will be granted exemption to the final stage of the women’s trials.

Entries Open for 2019 Premier League

Applications are invited for those wishing to play in the 2019 Premier League.

The event takes place over three weekends in the autumn, and acts as an international trial, with the winners of the First Division earning selection to represent England in one weekend of the 2020 Camrose Trophy series, and in the European Champions' Cup 2020, if England qualifies. It is also part of the Championship Series, with points earned towards the Player of the Year competition.

The three weekends will take place as follows:

5th-6th October:

  • Divisions 1 & 2 – Young Chelsea Bridge Club
  • Division 3 – Richmond Bridge Club

26th-27th October:

  • All Divisions – West Midlands Bridge Club

9th – 10th November

  • All Divisions – West Midlands Bridge Club

Applications to by Friday 31st May 2019. The entry fee will be £860.00 per team.

EBU Team win Camrose Trophy 2019

This weekend saw the 2nd and concluding weekend of the Camrose Trophy, the annual competition between England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The EBU hosted this second weekend of the Camrose Trophy, in Coventry, and therefore England were eligible to field two teams.

The EBU Team (pictured left to right) of Peter Taylor, Cameron Small, Jon Cooke, Chris Dixon (NPC), Ben Green, Ankush Khandelwal & John Cox, finished top with a total of 141.58 VPs. Also playing on behalf of the EBU in the first weekend of the Camrose were Peter Hasenson (NPC), Gerald Tredinnick, Gunnar Hallberg, Derek Patterson, Andrew McIntosh, Andrew Black, Phil King).

In second place were the England Team of David Burn (NPC), Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson, Tony Forrester & Graham Osborne, David Gold & Mike Bell, with 126.41 VPs. Also playing on behalf of the England team in the first weekend of the Camrose were Janet de Botton & Artur Malinowski; Espen Erichsen & Glyn Liggins; Tom Townsend & David Bakhshi; NPC Alan Mould.

Northern Ireland were third with 109.65 VPs.

England retains Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer Trophies

For the third year in a row, England has retained both the Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer Trophies, which this year was hosted by Ireland at the weekend.

In the Junior Camrose, the England team finished with a total of 152.04, Scotland were second with 145.58.

In the Peggy Bayer competition, England were emphatic winners, finishing with a total of 171.33, 2nd placed Ireland finished on a total of 95.27.

Congratulations to both teams.

The English participants were:
Junior Camrose team: Charles Bucknell, Dominic Price, Ben Norton, Shahzaad Natt, Ian Robson, Eshan Singhal (NPC: David Bakhshi)
Peggy Bayer team (pictured): Sam Anoyrkatis, Liz Gahan, Oscar Selby, Imogen La Chapelle, Theo Anoyrkatis, Andy Cope (NPC: Michael Byrne)