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Internationals News

Nettleton & Gold win Lady Milne Pre-Trials

The pre-trials to represent England in the Lady Milne have been won by Diana Nettleton & Marusa Gold. They finished the 16-pair pre-trial on +131.43 IMPs, with Anne Rosen & Nevena Senior in second on +104.42 IMPs.

The top six pairs qualified for the trial, the remaining pairs to qualify were:
Third - Olivia Bailey & Elizabeth Gahan (dropped out - replaced by 7th placed pair Sandy Davies & Carole Kelly)
Fourth - Sally Brock & Gilly Cardiff
Fifth - Susanna Gross & Catherine Draper
Sixth - Dinah Caplan & Lizzie Godfrey

Those qualifying pairs will compete in the remaining stage of the trial along with Nicola Smith & Yvonne Wiseman and Heather Dhondy & Sally Anoyrkatis who were exempted from the first stage by the Selection Committee. The final stage of the trial will take place on 2nd-3rd February 2019, again at the Young Chelsea.

The Lady Milne Trophy is set to take place 12th-14th April 2019, in Ireland.

The timings for the contest are as follows:

Saturday: 10.45 - 12.55 One match of sixteen boards

  • 13.25 - 15.35 One match of sixteen boards
  • 15.55 - 18.05 One match of sixteen boards
  • 18.25 - 20.35 One match of sixteen boards

Sunday: 10.45 - 12.55 One match of 16 boards

  • 13.25 - 15.35 One match of sixteen boards
  • 15.55 - 18.05 One match of sixteen boards

Mossop wins Senior Trials

The Mossop team have won the Senior Trials, which took place at West Midlands Bridge Club at the weekend, and will be representing England in the Teltscher Trophy next year. The team of David Mossop, Paul Hackett, Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland and Brian Senior finished undefeated, with the Penfold team close behind and then a large gap to third.

The Teltscher Trophy will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 5th-7th April 2019.