The Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer 2023

The Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer 2023 will be held at the Best Western Manchester, Altrincham Cresta Court from 17-19 February.


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Photo of the winning Junior Camrose team, all smartly dressed smiling at the camera. There are seven men and one woman, the woman is in the centre and holding a silver trophyPhoto of the England Peggy Bayer team 2023. There are seven people smiling at the camera, all are wearing blue polo shirts emblazoned with the England flag.

Event Programme


  Junior Camrose Peggy Bayer

Daniel Winter and Sam Anoyrkatis

Harry Madden and Joseph Clark

William Clennell and Dominic Cooke

NPC: Sally Brock

Thomas Bradkin and Harriet Cork

Aleks Birdsall and Maks Blicharz

Charlotte Bedford and Lucy Norman

NPC: Alan Shillitoe

Northern Ireland Aileen Armstrong & Andrew    
Lucy O’Kane & Xander Todd    
NPC: Wayne Somerville
Amy Taylor & Adam Hendry    
Alex Millar & Evan McKeown    
Alex Haggan & Ewan Todd    
NPC: Sandie Millership
Republic of Ireland Luca Crone & Mathew O’Farrell    
Isabel Burke & Sheila Walshe    
Denise Walsh & Leah Finnegan    
NPC: Karel De Raeymaeker
Adam Murphy & Tom Gorey    
David Hoyne & Phedra Kingston    
Eva Connell & Klara Flanagan    
NPC: Margaret Murphy
Scotland Antone Huang & Lydia Foale    
Adam Tobias & John Russell    
Rufus Behr & Tamsin Munro    
NPC: Alisdair McLeod
Michael Kennedy & Keven Ren    
Jamie Day & Harry Stuart    
Aidan Woodley & Alexander    
NPC: Daniel Hamilton
Wales Joseph Bentley & Sophie Akers    
Jamie Brindle & Steph Dux    
NPC: Soozy Neson

Henry Rose and Oscar Selby

Dido Coley and Lily Kearney

Theodore Sinclair and James Cater

NPC: Ewa Wieczorek

Tournament Directors Sarah Amos and Stephen Kennedy  


From the BGB website

The Junior Camrose Home Internationals for players aged under 26 years

The series, initially for those under 27, but now for those under 26, was launched on 18/19th September 1971 in Glasgow. Scotland won. Members of that team Sandy Duncan, Barnet Shenkin, George Cuthbertson, and Derek Diamond all went to represent Scotland in the Camrose. The other team members were David Shenkin and Cameron McLatchie. David Shenkin, Cameron McLatchie and Sandy Duncan were members of the Scottish team that won the Teltscher in 2022.

Scotland have won in 1973, 1975 1976 2010 and 2012. In 1972 and 1978 Scotland tied with England.

England won outright for the first time in 1974 and again in 1977 (the event that year was actually played in December 1976). Since 1979 England has dominated the event, tying with Scotland in 1998 but winning every year since except 2010 in Porthcawl when Scotland won both age groups (in the Juniors overtaking the Republic of Ireland by a single point in the final round) and 2012. Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (who joined in January 1999 when the event was played in Dublin) have yet to win the trophy.

Previous winning teams and England teams

The Under 21s Home Internationals for the Peggy Bayer Trophy

The Under 19 Home Internationals was launched on 3/4th February 1990 in Cheltenham with a trophy donated by the late Palmer Bayer (also the founder of the Educational Trust for British Bridge) in honour of his wife Peggy. Later it became the U20 and then U21 championship in line with European age limits. Only Scotland and England in 1990 took part with Scotland winning. The Scottish team contained Geoff Bateman, 13 (the older of the Bateman brothers who subsequently played many Junior events for Scotland) and his partner Caldwell, 14. Scotland won again in 1995 and 1997 but England has won the rest except 2010 and 2016. Wales and Northern Ireland have yet to win. The Republic of Ireland (who joined in January 1999) won for the first time in 2016.

The youngest-ever competitor was Claire Evans of Wales who competed aged 9 on 30/31 January 1999 in Dublin having been born on 2nd May 1989.

Previous winning teams and England teams