Mixed Trials

Details of upcoming trials will be updated on this page as details become available

World Bridge Games

The World Bridge Games will take place later this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 22nd Oct - 5th Nov 2024.

Applications for entry should be sent to comps@ebu.co.uk. When sending an application, please confirm that you are able to participate in the trial for your category if a trial is held. The closing date for all entries is 5pm on Friday 26th January 2024. All teams will be expected to participate on a fully self-funded basis.

The Mixed Trials will be held 31st May-3rd June

Entry List:

Claire Robinson, Paul Barden, Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Sarah Bell and Mike Bell
Diana Nettleton, Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Marusa Gold, David Gold and Thomas Paske
Michael Byrne, Heather Dhondy, Ben Handley-Pritchard, Maggie Knottenbelt and Tom Townsend


European Championships 2024 (Herning, Denmark)

The below format is based on current numbers, and subject to change if the number of entrants change following the results of an earlier trial.

There are currently no exemptions in any category, but this may also change if the number of entrants varies.

Venue West Midlands Bridge Club

The teams trial to be held from 2nd-5th February 2024 will consist of a two-day Round Robin (7x16 board matches) followed by a one-day semi-final (64 boards)and a one-day final (64 boards).

At the end of the Round Robin, the leading team will ordinarily choose their semi-final opponent from the third and fourth placed teams. However, the team finishing second is permitted to opt into the choice of opponents for the winning team.

It is hoped that the semi-final and final will be played with the use of tablets.

All players will be required to play at least 50% of the boards in each stage (at least 3 of 7 matches in the Round Robin).

The overall winners of the trial will qualify to represent England at the European Championships (24th June - 4th July, hosted by Denmark).

If the winning team consists of 4 players, then the winning team will add a third pair from the teams that finished in the top four of the Round Robin stage. This pair will be added in consultation with the Selection Committee.

The entry fee for the trial is £600 per team. Entries for this event closed on 3rd November.


Stage Day Start Time End Time
Stage 1 Friday 13:00 15:10
    15:40 17:50
    18:10 20:20
  Saturday 10:30 14:40
    13:00 15:10
    15:40 17:50
    18:10 20:20
Stage 2 Sunday 10:30 12:45
    13:00 15:15
    15:45 18:00
    18:15 20:30
  Monday 10:30 12:45
    13:00 15:15
    15:45 18:00
    18:15 20:30


Team Hinden - Graham Osborne, Frances Hinden, Sally Brock & Barry Myers
Team Seale - Ian Pagan, Catherine Seale, Catherine Draper & Andrew Woodcock
Team Nettleton - Tom Paske, Diana Nettleton, Andrew Mcintosh, Sara Moran, Simon Cope & Marusa Gold
Team Rosen - Joe Fawcett, Gillian Fawcett, Neil Rosen & Anne Rosen
Team SUSHIISH -  Nathalie Shashou, Nick Sandqvist, Catherine Curtis & Paul Fegarty
Team Barknell - Claire Robinson, Paul Barden, Charlie Bucknell & Ewa Wieczorek
Team Knottenbelt - Maggie Knottenbelt, Heather Dhondy, Mike Bell, Sarah Bell, Kieran Dyke & Michael Byrne
Team 007 - Athena Chow, Tom Copeland, Hanna Tuus, Alan Hayward, Imogen La Chapelle & Jack Ronayne


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