Selection Committee


U26: David Bakhshi
U26 Women: Sally Brock
U21: Michael Byrne
U16: Giorgio Provenza

The Selection Committee is responsible for the selection of England teams for international events, or defining and managing the trials processes (especially the Premier League) by which teams will qualify to play for England. The current structure is as follows:

World Championships:
  • Bermuda Bowl* (Open) and Venice Cup* (Women) - Selected
  • D’Orsi Bowl (Seniors) - Selected/Trials
World Bridge Games (formerly Olympiad):
  • Open*, Women*, Mixed, Seniors - Trials
European Championships:
  • Open*, Women* - Trials and selection
  • Mixed, Seniors - Trials
Home Nations Internationals:
  • Camrose (Open) - Primarily trials (Premier League)
  • Lady Milne (Women) - Partly trials, partly selected
  • Teltscher Trophy (Seniors) - Trials
All junior events:
  • Under 26s*, Under 26 Women*, Under 21s*, Under 16s* - Selected
Invitation events (eg: NEC, Chairman’s Cup):
  • Selected

The Selection Committee (in conjunction with the NPC) oversees the preparation of teams prior to a championship (coaching, practice matches, etc). After the events they review the Captain’s report and any players’ feedback.

The Selection Committee also provides on-going coaching for Junior squads, co-ordinated by the four squad leaders.

All these activities are managed within the budget provided by the EBU Board.

* These teams have their expenses paid from within the Selection Committee’s budget. Nearly all other events are part funded, with the players themselves, or a sponsor, making up the difference.