Senior Trials

2021/2022 Trials

Senior European Trials - Coventry Bridge Club

Entries for Senior European Trials are now closed

A pairs trial will be held 11th-14th March 2022 to select the Seniors team for the 2022 Europeans. The top three pairs in the trial will be guaranteed selection.


Friday: 12:30 – 15:05   &   15:30 – 19:25 Five matches of nine boards 

Saturday: 11:00 – 14:55   &   15:20 – 19:15 Six matches of nine boards  

Sunday: 11:00 – 14:55   &   15:20 – 19:15 Six matches of nine boards  

Monday: 10:30 – 13:05   &   13:30 – 17:25 Five matches of nine boards  

The team will be part funded - that is to say that, in addition to the entry fee and uniforms, they will receive a (yet to be decided) sum towards expenses.

Eligible players who have qualified in the Mixed or Women's categories are still permitted to enter the Seniors trial, but if such a player qualifies in this event they must relinquish the spot earned in the earlier trial.

Richard Illingworth and Glyn Meredith

Mike Hill and Andrew Kisiel

Jonathan Mestel and David Kendrick

David Mossop and Gunnar Hallberg

Barry Myers and Sally Brock

Brian Senior and Paul Hackett

Gary Hyett and John Holland

Richard Chamberlain and Patrick Shields

John Hassett and Jeff Morris

Nick Smith and Roger Bryant

Chris Dixon and Taf Anthias


Teltscher Trophy Trials - Manchester Bridge Club

    Entries are now closed. Please email entries to in partnerships, or by phoning 01296317203 for any enquiries.

    A pairs trial will be held on 28th - 30th January 2022 to select the team for the 2022 Teltscher Trophy. The venue is the Manchester Bridge Club and entries are now closed. Entries will close on Monday 17th January at 9am.

    This event has remained face to face. Entries are now closed.

    The top three pairs will be guaranteed selection.

    Entries are £100 per person

    Eligibility criteria

    The WBF - and consequently the EBL and Bridge Great Britain - have adjusted their criteria for eligibility for Seniors events. The EBU has therefore adjusted its criteria in response to this. Please note, therefore, that to be eligible players must be aged 63 or older on 1st January 2022. See here for further details.

    Entries Received

    David Barnes and Mike Wenble

    Paul Hackett and John Sansom

    Brian Senior and Sandra Penfold

    John Holland and Gary Hyett

    David Kendrick and Malcolm Pryor

    Sally Brock and Barry Myers

    Patrick Shields and Richard Chamberlain

    Norman Selway and Kay Preddy