Senior Trials

World Bridge Games

The World Bridge Games will take place later this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 22nd Oct - 5th Nov 2024.

Applications for entry should be sent to When sending an application, please confirm that you are able to participate in the trial for your category if a trial is held. The closing date for all entries is 5pm on Friday 26th January 2024. All teams will be expected to participate on a fully self-funded basis.

The Seniors Trials will be held 8th-9th June

Entry List: 

Malcolm Pryor, David Kendrick, Tony Sowter & Dave Robinson
David Mossop, Gunnar Hallberg, Brian Senior, John Holland, Alan Mould & Paul Hackett


2024 European Championships (Herning, Denmark)

The below format is based on current numbers, and subject to change if the number of entrants change following the results of an earlier trial.

There are currently no exemptions in any category, but this may also change if the number of entrants varies.


Stage One: West Midland Bridge Club Stage Two: T.G.R.s

Stage one which is to be held from 8th-10th March 2024 will be a Round Robin (9x16 board matches if 5 tables).

Stage two will be held from 6th-7th April 2024 and will be a head-to-head final between two teams of four (112 boards).

At the end of the Round Robin, the top three pairs will be guaranteed to qualify to stage two. The winners of stage one may pick their teammates from any of the pairs who were in the top five of the Round Robin. The next highest pair will then pick their teammates, but the proviso that the top three pairs are guaranteed to qualify for stage two means that if the top pair chooses to play with the fourth or fifth-ranked pair, then the second-ranked pair would be required to choose the third-ranked pair.

It is hoped that the final will be played with tablets.

The overall winners of the trial will qualify to represent England at the European Championships (24th June - 4th July, hosted by Denmark).

The winning team will add a third pair from the pairs that finished in the top five of the Round Robin stage

This pair will be added in consultation with the Selection Committee.

The entry fee for the trial is £175 per player. Entries for this event closed on 3rd November but the Selection Committee are now willing to consider post-deadline applications from pairs that have not previously entered the trials for the 2024 European Championships. Any such applications should be sent to by 5pm on Thursday 22nd February

Specific Conditions of Contest

Entries received so far
Stephen Green & Roger Bryant
Malcolm Pryor & David Kendrick
Trevor Ward & Rob Cliffe
Patrick Shields & Richard Chamberlain
Sally Brock & Barry Myers
Alan Mould & John Holland
Paul Hackett & Brian Senior
David Mossop & Gunnar Hallberg
Norman Selway & Kay Preddy
Tony Sowter & Dave Robinson



Eligibility criteria

The WBF - and consequently the EBL and Bridge Great Britain - have adjusted their criteria for eligibility for Seniors events. The EBU has therefore adjusted its criteria in response to this. Please note, therefore, that to be eligible players must be born in 1960 or earlier. Further details can be found on the senior eligibility criteria page.

Information about the Teltscher Trophy

The Senior Home Internationals for the Teltscher Trophy

The first Senior Home International was played in Oxford 30th May- 1st June 2008. The national teams of the five countries were joined by a Patron’s team led by Bernard Teltscher, who agreed to support the event for its first five-year cycle. The Patron’s team could win the event but not the trophy. The winning team was England (Paul Hackett & Ross Harper, Gunnar Hallberg & John Holland, Ian Panto & Tony Waterlow, npc John Williams).

As of 2022 England have won six times, Scotland five times, Republic of Ireland three times and Wales once. Northern Ireland are yet to win.