Senior Trials

2019/2020 trials

Teltscher Trophy Trials

Entries for the 2020 Teltscher Trophy have now closed.

14th - 15th December 2019
West Midlands Bridge Club

The entry fee is £340 per team.

Eligibility criteria

In 2017 the World Bridge Federation's Executive Council began to raise the age requirement for Senior players to 65 over an 8 year period in accordance with the following schedule:

- Born in 1957 or earlier for the championship in 2018
- Born in 1958 or earlier for the championships in 2019 and 2020
- Born in 1959 or earlier for the championships in 2021 and 2022
- Born in 1960 or earlier for the championships in 2023 and 2024
- Born in 1961 or earlier for the championships in 2025 and 2026

The European Bridge League and Bridge Great Britain have changed the eligibility criteria for their Seniors competitions in line with this.

Therefore, players need to be born in 1958 or earlier to play in the Teltscher Trophy in 2020.

Entries to date

Brock Sally Brock Barry Myers Nicola Smith Rob Sheehan
Davies Sandy Davies Tom Gisborne Tony Sowter Dave Robinson
Dhondy Jeremy Dhondy Bill Hirst John Hassett Trevor Ward
Granville Richard Granville Patrick Shields Graham Sadie Richard Chamberlain
Harris Jonathan Harris Steve Capal David Burn Andrew Sobell
Mossop David Mossop Alan Mould Paul Hackett John Holland Brian Senior Gunnar Hallberg
Penfold Sandra Penfold Norman Selway Tony Forrester David Kendrick
Pryor Malcolm Pryor Chris Chambers Ed Scerri Steve Eginton

Senior Olympiad Trials

Senior Olympiad Trials are held on the 24th – 28th April, also in the Young Chelsea Bridge Club.

Entries are open for all and are to be taken in teams. Entry fee is £440 per team.