World Seniors Championship

For the D’Orsi Bowl

  • This event started in 2001 and is held every two years.
Year Venue Gold Silver Bronze England
2001 Paris USA2 Poland France No team
2003 Monte Carlo USA1 France USA2 No team
2005 Estoril USA1 Indonesia Denmark No team
2007 Shanghai USA2 Indonesia USA1 No team
2009 Sao Paulo England (1) Poland Indonesia David Price & Colin Simpson; Gunnar Hallberg & John Holland; Ross Harper & Paul Hackett; NPC: Peter Baxter
2011 Veldhoven France USA2 Poland No team
2013 Bali USA2 (2) Poland France No team
2015 Chennai USA1 Sweden Poland 5th= - Paul Hackett & David Mossop; Gunnar Hallberg & John Holland; David Price & Colin Simpson; NPC: Simon Cochemé
2017 Lyon USA2 Italy Sweden No team
2019 Wuhan, China Denmark England India John Holland & Alan Mould; David Muller & Malcolm Pryor; David Kendrick & Trevor Ward; NPC: David S Jones
2022 Salsomaggiore, Italy Poland India Denmark/France 13th Gunnar Hallberg & David MossopBrian Senior & Paul HackettJohn Hassett & John Holland, NPC: Simon Cochemé, Coach: Alan Mould

(1) England did not qualify in the European Championships in Pau (2008) but got in as reserves when a team withdrew (2) Germany won the final, and were awarded the gold medal, but were stripped of the prize when one pair was found guilty of cheating. All teams were then moved up one place.