World Youth Team Championships

The Under 26 competition is often called 'Juniors' by the organisers, and was previously called Under 25s; The Under 21 competition is often called 'Youngsters' and has previously been called 'Schools' and 'Under 20s'; The Under 16 competition is often called 'Kids'; the 'Girls' competition has also been called 'Young Women' and 'Under 25 Women'. Participation in the event is dependent on qualification - usually for European teams this is through results at the preceding European Youth Team Championships. [NB] - It was a Great Britain team prior to 2003 [1] - Held as part of the World Bridge Series Championships [2] - Held as part of the World Mind Sports Games [3] - England did not qualify for the U26 competition, but entered a team in the Under 28 category which was an additional event within the Games. The team was: Fiona Brown & Susan Stockdale [Norton]; Oliver Burgess & Andrew Woodcock; Ben Green & Duncan Happer. They finished 5th=.

Year Venue U26 U21 Girls U16
2018 Wujiang, China Winners: SWEDEN ENGLAND - 12th: Michael Alishaw & Stephen Kennedy; Kyle Lam & Toby Nonnenmacher; Shahzaad Natt & Ben Norton; NPC: Paul Barden; coach: Graham Osborne Winners: SWEDEN ENGLAND - 16th: Sam Anoyrkatis & Theo Anoyrkatis; Harry Madden & Kripa Panchagnula; Liam Sanderson & Daniel Winter; NPC: Michael Byrne; coach: Alex Roberts Winners: CHINA ENGLAND - 12th: Yvonne Wiseman & Liz Gahan; Olivia Bailey & Ewa Wieczorek; Laura Covill & Siyu Ren; NPC: Sally Brock; coach: David Burn Winners: CHINA3 ENGLAND - 9th: Jasmine Bakhshi & Henry Rose; Jamie Fegarty & Liam Fegarty; Oscar Selby & Andy Cope; NPC: Giorgio Provenza; coach: Laura Porro
2016 Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy Winners: POLAND ENGLAND - 15th: Shivam Shah & Freddie Illingworth; Alex Roberts & Ankush Khandelwal; Ben Norton & Yvonne Wiseman; NPC: Alan Shillitoe; Coach: Jon Cooke Winners: ITALY ENGLAND - n/a Winners: NETHERLANDS ENGLAND - n/a Winners: ISRAEL ENGLAND - 8th: Harry Madden & Oscar Selby; Jasmine Bakhshi & Liz Gahan; Megan Jones & Henry Rose; NPC: Sarah O’Connor; Coach: Mike Bell
2014 Istanbul, Turkey Winners: NORWAY ENGLAND - n/a Winners: SWEDEN ENGLAND - n/a Winners: FRANCE ENGLAND - n/a Winners: POLAND ENGLAND - n/a
2012 Taicang, China Winners: NETHERLANDS ENGLAND - n/a Winners: POLAND ENGLAND - 5th=: Shivam Shah & Alex Roberts, Toby Nonnenmacher & Michael Alishaw, Freddie Illingworth & Chris Huber Winners: POLAND ENGLAND - n/a -
2010 [1] Philadelphia, USA Winners: ISRAEL ENGLAND - n/a Winners: POLAND ENGLAND - 2nd: James Paul & Dan McIntosh; Tom Paske & Graeme Robertson; Shivam Shah & Tom Rainforth; NPC: Michael Byrne; Coach: Alan Shillitoe (picture) Winners: POLAND ENGLAND - n/a -
2008 [2] Beijing, China Winners: DENMARK ENGLAND - n/a[3] Winners: FRANCE ENGLAND - 2nd: Adam Hickman & Dan McIntosh; Tom Paske & Ed Jones; Ben Paske & Rob Myers; NPC: Michael Byrne; Coach: Alan Shillitoe - -
2006 Bangkok, Thailand Winners: USA ENGLAND - n/a Winners: ISRAEL ENGLAND - n/a - -
2005 Sydney, Australia Winners: USA ENGLAND - 13th: Michael Byrne, Ben Green, Duncan Happer, Alex Morris, Andrew Woodcock, NPC: Paul Hackett - - -
2003 Paris, France Winners: ITALY ENGLAND - 7th: Gareth Birdsall, Oliver Burgess, David Gold, Alex Hydes, Ed Levy, Andrew Woodcock, NPC: Jason Hackett, coach: Mel Starkings - - -
2001 Mangaratiba, Brazil Winners: USA GREAT BRITAIN - n/a - - -
1999 Fort Lauderdale, USA Winners: ITALY GREAT BRITAIN - n/a - - -
1997 Hamilton, Canada Winners: DENMARK GREAT BRITAIN - n/a - - -
1995 Bali, Indonesia Winners: GREAT BRITAIN - Jeffrey Allerton, Danny Davies, Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett, Phil Souter, Tom Townsend - - -
1993 Aarhus, Denmark Winners: GERMANY GREAT BRITAIN - n/a - - -
1991 Ann Arbor, USA Winners: USA GREAT BRITAIN - n/a - - -
1989 Nottingham, UK Winners: GREAT BRITAIN - John Hobson, Derek Patterson, John Pottage, Andrew Robson, Gerald Tredinnick, Stuart Tredinnick - - -
1987 Amsterdam, Netherlands Winners: NETHERLANDS GREAT BRITAIN - n/a - - -